Is ballot harvesting (collection) legal in Indiana?

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  • Twangbanger

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    Oct 9, 2010
    If we're talking about Presidential elections, non democrat voters" (NDVs) have two forks in the road on how to proceed with the election integrity sh.tshow:

    1) Accept the early/mail game "as-currently-presented," and make a Republican Plan to beat democrats at their own game. (What Messr. Galt seems to be suggesting?)

    2) Don't accept the system as-currently-presented, and insist on outlawing it and reverting back to a more traditional system of mostly in-person voting on election day, with ID verification, diligent purging of voter rolls, and limited, strictly-enforced exceptions for ballots by mail. (This seems to be the consensus preference of the INGO political bulls, and this is the route Indiana has chosen as a state, for the most part).

    Solution 1 requires organization, mobilization, and effort on the part of NDVs in the WI/MI/PA/NV/AZ/GA states, to find and harvest a quantity of Republican ballots which outweighs the Democrat efforts in those states.

    Solution 2, outlawing the sh.tshow occurring in the WiMPNAG states, either involves moving there and helping change their laws...or if we're not prepared to move there, then passing Federal legislation that overrules state law in making these practices illegal, since these voting rules are local in nature, and not ordinarily subject to change by people living outside those states. It would basically mean "Federalizing" election laws, just like the Democrats tried to do, but "we" do it our way instead. I don't see how that happens in the current environment, but anyway, there it is.

    Realistically, apathy on the part of Indiana residents is not so indefensible here. Not much can be done about this situation by Indiana voters. Our state already reliably delivers its Electoral Votes to the lesser of evils.* Election Laws either have to be Federalized (which we just fought the Democrats tooth and nail when they tried to do it their way), or we have to go to the WimpNag states and enact the changes we want to see.

    This solution cannot come from within the Hoosier state. Our house is about as in-order as it can get.

    (*provided the candidate doesn't have the honorary title "First Black" in front of his name).
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