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Jan 11, 2008
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INGO Supporter Memberships are available. This one-year membership includes:
  • Increased Private Message storage from 50 to 500
  • Bold user-name
  • The ability to remain invisible when browsing INGO (will not appear on "users online")
  • Site Supporter Icon that will appear under your user-name
  • The ability to come up with your own user title
  • The ability to display graphics and links in your signature (must follow forum rules)
  • Access to the classifieds before making 50 quality posts in the forum
Minimum donation for Supporter Membership is $20 / year (cash, check, money order)

Site Supporter Information

Note that any payment method other than the automated tool mentioned above will incur significant processing delays. However, if you don't wish to use Paypal or if you wish to donate an amount not listed in the automated payment tool, we can accept Site Supporter donations at any of our live events or they may be mailed to the following address:

Check or money order made out to Congregate Media

Contact Texkev for address and details

BE SURE to include your INGO Username with the payment (only for checks mailed, not needed for the automated tool).

Minimum donation for Supporter Membership using Pay Pal is $20

Where will my money go?

Contributions will help defray the cost of our increasing monthly hosting bill, domain registration, and software licensing fees, as well as board-sponsored activities. Also, with the hatred towards gun owners, sites like this find it near difficult to find good advertisers.

Donations are for a one-year membership only. Do not send more money than you are willing to donate for one year!

The Fine Print
All donations are final. There will be no refunds under any circumstances. I really appreciate your help if you care to donate but a Supporter Membership is not a license to be able to get away with stuff. We don't have any problems on this forum now, but in the future if something should come up, all registered members are treated equally here. I see no reason why this forum will not be around for years and years to come but if something should happen and this site goes down, or I have to close it, there will be no refunds. Your donation of $20 or more entitles you to a Subscriber Membership for one year from the time of payment. This status may be revoked at any time if I feel like you are being a jack ass. If at the end of one year you care not to renew your Subscriber status you will lose the features. I am not a lawyer but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.

Thanks, Kevin
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