Iguana hunting in FL - video

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  • 1nderbeard

    Local Business Supporter
    Apr 3, 2017
    Hendricks County
    My go to in FL, or any gulf state, is usually wild hog. Been 3 different times (2 FL, 1 AL). All have been fun. Did a gator hunt in FL. It was super touristy; too much like walking up and shooting a live target than hunting. Gator boots are cool though.

    With that said, I would love to try this.


    Apr 19, 2015
    I have eaten gator a few times. Didn’t really care for it. Not terrible, but just not that good. The ones I tried were also pretty tough, but that may have been because of how they were cooked (They were fried both times).
    i think it is the size of the gator. the bigger and older, the tougher.
    not my favorite. nice novelty meal. EOTWAWKI food


    Oct 6, 2009
    Was down in the Keys in March, saw some iguanas. The next morning the Iguana Control Man shows up at my cabin. "I understand some iguanas have been spotted right here, a black one and a big green one." We tracked down the BGO. ICM pulled out an air pistol and dispatched him.
    I had read previously that it is legal to kill them, but it must be "humane", i.e. head shot first try.
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