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    Jun 29, 2022
    Hi, my name is Cody, living in Avon now, but have been looking for a first house pretty much since the market went through the roof. I'm a born and raised Hoosier, and an Electrical apprentice with IBEW 481. I heard of INGO from my father who was a member years back, I went to a few shooting events with him and other members. I must confess that my intention in membership was to purchase a firearm, after reading the rules it seems using the marketplace alone is a nono. I haven't had much experience with forums like this, however, I am certainly willing to chat with fellow 2nd Amendment loving citizens. Especially if that means I can learn something along the way.


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    Dec 22, 2012
    Hello from Avon (AKA the land of stoplights and orange barrels... lots of both.) Thank you for reading the rules. "Come for the classifieds, stay for the discussion" is a real thing here at INGO.

    You probably read about the Site Supporter status (click Support INGO up at the top between range map and your username if you are interested.)
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