Guns of FAMAE (Chile) on the Way?

Kirk Freeman

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Mar 9, 2008
Lafayette, Indiana
FAMAE just announced that they now have an importer in the USA, AD&R.

FAMAE (Factories and Arsenals of the Army) produces fantastic weapons, including the SIG540 line, which are available in Canada. My friends in Argentina speak highly of FAMAE products.

Earliest would be 4Q 2014. I would anticipate that being precatory. 2015 is more certain.

FAMAE SIG SIGSAUER SG540 SG542 SG543 SAF .308 5.56 .223

More on the FAMAE weapons line: FAMAE Family of Firearms: From the SAF Mini to the SG 542 - The Firearm Blog

Tour of FAMAE (in English): Aftermath Gun Club | Inside FAMAE of Santiago, Chile


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May 28, 2009
The Greater Good
I would easily drop $2600 for one considering what the crappy Sig 551-A1 is commanding. If only Sig would unleash their 550 series of weapons!! I got tired of trying to make my 556 into a 551 clone. Granted the one I had ran like a top and had all Swiss parts.


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Feb 24, 2013
Cool! One of the guys here in Argentina has shot some of their stuff before. He said he prefers stuff we have in the US, but more guns is always better!
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