Fall 2021 OPEN INGO SHOOT October 30th @ProtTEQ in Brazil


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Mar 21, 2012
Don and Stephen have once again opened up the SOUTH Valley at their range to INGO for a FREE Open House Shoot on Saturday, October 30th, 2021 between 11AM and 4PM.

For these Open Houses, Don allows stuff that most ranges don’t (for this event only), like Tannerite and even black powder artillery, as long as we are courteous and clean up after ourselves. We did great last time, lets keep it up so we continue to get invited back. ProTEQ is an awesome facility, and worth the drive.

In the past, there have been issues with people using rifles in the pistol bays, causing damage (not during one of our events thankfully). So a reminder, the reactive bays are for PISTOL CALIBER WEAPONS ONLY.

How to get there:

ProTEQ is just north of Brazil, IN in the western part of the state.

Street address is:

3057 W County Rd 1200 N, Brazil, IN 47834


What to do?

We will be in the SOUTH valley. The entrance to the south valley is on 300W just south of 1200N.

ProTEQ Firearms Academy (see map below)

  • NFA items are allowed. Just make sure you are safe and watch the muzzle rise. Safety first!
  • We will have a 150 yard rifle range at our disposal. There are several well worn gongs at the extreme end, and a couple target stands if you want to set up targets closer than 150. (It wouldnt hurt to bring your own target stands if you dont want to shoot the full 150, just make sure you properly align them so you are impacting the berm and not shooting over it or skipping rounds over it)
  • There is a covered pistol range for some handgun fun.
  • There is a rimfire bay with lots of steel targets for fun.
  • There are several re-active target bays (formerly the CAS bays) with lots of steel targets, which is extremely fun. Ask me how I know this? :cool:
Here are the rules we are expected to follow:

  • You will be expected to sign a range release upon arrival, but the normal guest fee does not apply for this day only.
  • Participants of all ages are welcome, but those UNDER 18 must arrive and be supervised by an adult.
  • Legally owned Full Auto weapons or trigger assisted rapid fire weapons are allowed, though you may be restricted to the 360 range just beyond the 150 yard main range.
  • There is NO caliber limitation, BUT no Armor piercing or magnetic core projectiles are allowed.
  • MUZZLE control and berm impact hits are required meaning NO Targets placed on or near the ground that encourage skipping off the range floor are allowed.
  • Private targets must be within 6 foot of some berm base. Prone shooters MUST be addressing a target so that the bullet flight path (through or past) is INTO a berm.
  • Tannerite usage will be allowed under these limits - located at the base of the 150 yard berm – Ignited by rifle fire from the standard firing line ( 150 yards back) – NO more than 1 pound per target – NO metal, glass, concrete, or other hard walled container – NO packing of the Tannerite into mounds of dirt, rock, wood, etc. to create effect.
  • The LEAD ONLY projectile rule in the C.A.R. has been eased, but it is still suggested that frangible or lead projectiles are safest.
  • Food and drink are welcome, …BUT nothing Alcoholic – No Exceptions.
General ranges rules are here.

Be prepared to clean up after yourself. Don has lots of tarps available to lay down in order to catch your brass and make cleanup easier. Don has also provided several brass retrieval rollers and magnet sweepers (for steel cases). Please use them. Please also be prepared to police downrange for unbroken/barely broken clays if you use the thrower. (Don doesn't want large chunks, like 1/2 a clay or larger, left behind when he cuts the grass... plus we can put them downrange to shoot with our rifles).
Burnable trash can be left in the barrels. (cardboard, paper, etc) Garbage and non burnable trash be prepared to take it home with you.

Bring tables, chairs, and target stands, as well as anything YOU need for yourself. There are some permanent stands under the pistol canopy, and some out at the 150 line for rifle.

Personal Note:

I'm going to bring my 2" Whitworth cannon cannon again, unless something crazy happens. I know a few other INGOers have full size and scaled black powder artillery. I'd love to see if we can get a few more cannons out there to make up for missing the Spring shoot. As long as you can hit the berm (which should be pretty hard to miss), Don and Stephen are good with it. They've had up to a 20mm Vulcan out there before, so our black powder guns are fine. So, if you got a cannon, bring it out. If we can get enough people to bring some guns, maybe we can come up with some interesting targets for them.



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Sep 10, 2021
Darn, looks like I will be out of the country at that time. Is it wrong to want travel restrictions to escalate so I cant leave? Lol

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