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    Dec 22, 2012
    Is that a FUBAR synonym ?
    Both go back to WWII. Could be used synonymously, like goat-rope and Charlie Foxtrot.

    Goat-rope: a systemically messy situation.

    Charlie Foxtrot: Phonetic alphabet (Military and Air Traffic Control) for the letters C and F.

    A "C-F" of course is a Cluster-****

    Examples that may appear in the Military BS stories thread later:

    Processing cargo for a deployment is a goat-rope on a good day.

    When you look at your watch and realize you've been waiting 4 hours and the pallets are still on the flatbed, that's because things have degraded to a Charlie-Foxtrot.

    When you finally return to your shop and someone (who is nowhere near the cargo yard) calls and tells you the rest of the pallets need to go to the cargo yard... that's when you know things have devolved into a GOLF-FOXTROT.

    Golf-Foxtrot: Phonetic alphabet for the letters G and F.

    G in this case is Goat. F of course is ****

    Calling a GOLF-FOXTROT should be used sparingly and only when a Charlie-Foxtrot has been previously called.

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    May 12, 2013
    Camby area
    How did we forget Fudd? (As in Elmer) "A hunter that doesnt care about gun rights legislation unless it infringes on his ability to hunt. (or target shoot)

    Or its neighbor FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. A tactic used by the anti gun group to scare sheeple into getting behind their anti gun agenda. "If we allow constitutional carry, there will be literal blood in the streets!"


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    Apr 14, 2011
    N.W. Disillusionment
    Acronyms, they come from all directions here. From texting like IKR, and from the Military with NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge) FUBAR (F'd Up Beyond All Recognition) and of course WTF came from the Military (usually followed by "over" in GI slang.)

    Now INGOisms... oh boy there is a bunch. @indyblue mentioned "Denny'd a thread" (a serious response to a humorous post.)

    State Trooper stole my wallet. 5 year old girl steals your gun when OCing.

    And of course we can't forget, The Boner Drone.

    Don't forget Andy's gun, and the associated acronym.......TAB.

    *Twig and Berries.
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