Combat Commander Overhaul


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Jan 18, 2009
SE Indy
Yeah yeah, rub it in. My better half has decided we need a new bedroom set, entertainment center, TV, and bunk beds for the kids before I buy any more guns. But hey, at least I know yours will be finished by the time I’m ready to ask lol.
Once you convince them its a investment that will go up in value it gets easier. Then show her...look honey I paid 500 for this 3 years ago and now its on gunbroker for


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Jan 22, 2016
The internet loves the Ruger Ronin. It has a plastic trigger. Im not so sure the MIM Parts thing is that big of a deal used on the right parts in the right places. Its the you get what you pay for thing. If you want a $800 1911 you're going to have to make sacrifices. Nighthawk will be happy to sell someone a all steel pistol fit to perfectionist standards. You will need at least $3500 though.....I think Kimbers are pretty good for the money
They definitely make some good looking guns, at least I think they do. I'm pretty sure I just lucked into a not so good one, every company puts em out every now and then. Like I said my brothers was a really nice one. You are right about the price point for sure. I'm not even for sure what parts are all MIM on them. I know some of them have plastic mainspring housings also.

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