ChurchMouse's Epic Thread

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  • ChrisK

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    Mar 21, 2008
    Starke County
    I was fortunate to purchase Tim's last collaboration with AllenM. He was a little sad that he was not able to shoot it. He was able to attend our spring shoot this year and I happen to have it with me. I took him out to where we were shooting pistols and handed it to him. He said that he didn't know if he had the muscle to shoot but he gave it a try. He managed to get two mags thru. We both had a little sand in our eyes as he said to me "Thank you old friend" My reply to him was "No, Thank you Tim".... Love and miss you brother...
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    Jul 29, 2016
    Been awhile. I saw the thread. Mr church mouse. Tim.

    Its all his fault. Im stuck in 1911’s because of his kindness. I came to this forum with a lot of questions and little knowledge. After a bit of reading i thought i figured it out... I took apart my gun.

    It was church mouse who recieved a cigar box full of parts and showed me how to put it back together. He helped me diagnose an issue with an old sig as well. Later on, i bought a 1968 pontiac lemans project car. And through this forum he told me a LOT of things i didnt know i needed to know.

    After getting to know each other a bit, i was invited to a 1911 build class with him in indy. Im sure some of you were there. I was set on installing that new trigger. After i had followed the instructions i did a safety check and squeezed that sucker so hard. Like I was trying to strangle the trigger. it bent up a part in my gun and the hammer dropped.

    I showed churchmouse and he died laughing. He asked me how i did it. And i showed him. He stared with a dead look in his eyes and said “you know how to fix that? Dont do that anymore”. He also took my gun home with him and fixed it AGAIN. I still have the gun. It was never for sale. But now its just a little more special. And when anyone asks me about it i tell them, a really good friend helped me build it.

    Anyway. Ill always appreciate what he did for me. And i wont forget the kindness he extended to a stranger
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