Carbine 2 (Terre Haute IN) July 13, 2024

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  • diveski11

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    Oct 14, 2016

    Carbine 2 Overview​

    Prerequisites: Basic Rifle, Carbine 1 (or similar class) AND Basic Pistol

    Firearm & Gear Requirements:
    Any safe semi-automatic carbine can be used (AR, AK, G3, M1A, etc.). You will need to carry FOUR (4) magazines while on the line. Two point sling is preferred. GI sling not recommended.

    Any safe semi-automatic compact or full size pistol in 9mm or larger may be used. (Glock 17, 19, etc.) NO subcompact or micro pistols. You will need to carry a minimum of TWO (2) magazines. If using a single stack pistol (1911, etc.) you will need sufficient mags to keep up with the class.

    Shooters must have a sling on their carbine and a non-collapsing, belt or paddle, outside the waistband holster for their handgun. NO Serpa holsters, cross draw, inside the waistband, ankle, chest or shoulder holsters, etc.

    Estimated Ammunition Required:
    500 carbine
    150 pistol
    Magazine loader recommended

    Required Equipment:

    • hearing protection
    • eye protection
    • lunch (we’ll be staying on the range during lunch break)
    • water and something to replace electrolytes
    • snacks
    Optional Equipment:

    • a way to take notes
    • carbine/pistol/optic manual(s)
    • hat with a brim (to deflect flying hot brass)
    • knee/elbow pads (we may shoot from kneeling and other positions)
    • folding chair
    • small tool kit / cleaning kit
    Clinic Overview: Attendees will experience shooting in multiple firing positions at varying distances and will learn modern defensive shooting skills. All firing in this course will be within 200 yards with a focus on the close quarters environment. You will get a workout with all the skills needed to run the carbine from contact to 200 yards. The focus is on defensive shooting. Carbine 2 will incorporate transitioning to secondary weapons systems.

    This class is moderately physically demanding. We will be on our feet much of the day, moving between various locations on the range. We will be shooting from different positions throughout the day.

    Attendees should arrive for registration at 7:30 am. Class starts promptly at 8:00!

    Topics of instruction will include the following:​

    • Rules for safe gun handling & range rules
    • Carbine parts and operation & ammunition
    • Tailoring the ABCs of firing the shot to the close quarters environment
    • Firing Positions: Standing/Kneeling/Prone, Over Barricade, Supported/Unsupported, Field-expedient Rests, non-standard positions
    • Situational Awareness and Scanning
    • Magazine Changes (Administrative and Tactical Reloads)
    • Controlled Pairs
    • Recoil Management
    • Clearing Malfunctions/Stoppages
    • Movement
    • Firing under Stress
    • Use of the sling, rests, barricades and other field-expedient methods to support shooting stability
    • Introduction to Field Shooting and using the carbine to make hits at long distance
    • Gear/Kit setup and optimization
    • Transition to secondary weapons systems
    • Tourniquet use and one-handed operation

    History Presentation: Gen. von Steubon​

    Hear what happened when a professional Prussian soldier showed up at Valley Forge to whip the Colonial volunteers into shape and train them to military standards – many of which survive to this day!


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    Oct 3, 2011
    Giddy up and sign up.
    This will be awesome.
    A couple slots still available so jump on this one while you can.
    This Sat 7.13.24 8 am huzzah
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