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Should He be fired

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Jan 11, 2008
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Should he be fired?

Barry in IN

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Jan 31, 2008
I agree that he never should have been hired.
I do believe in due process, and really all that exists now are accusations...BUT, he should never have been hired, he got a break with his assistant falling on his sword last year to save him, and after all of that- whether he did what is claimed or not, he allowed himself to be put in the current position.
Screw him.
See ya.

Greenspan will probably get the axe. That's unfortunate in a way, since he seemed to have done a lot to build up the football program (especially in the middle of and wake of coach Terry Hoepner's death), the woman's basketball program is greatly improved, etc and so on, but in spite of those successes, he still made a huge mistake in hiring Sampson.

Than again, I'm still mad at IU for shutting down the gun club in Bloomington, so I have a hard time of looking at anything relating to IU objectively.
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