Arken SH4 gen 2 6-24 scope

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  • SSE

    Rating - 100%
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    May 16, 2010
    Tippecanoe Co.
    I just want to let you guys know that this scope is an absolute steal at $273 delivered from Arken with the "save25%"code.
    I got 2 of them in and both looked the same as far as optics.
    I compared side by side with Vortex Viper, older Leupold 24x target, Athlon Argos btr, and Burris xtr. The Athlon was not quite as good as the others by a slight margin.
    All at the same power setting, I could tell no differance at 150 yds or 300 yds except the Burris might have had a very slight edge at 300 in clarity, maybe, thats how close they were.
    I got the 34mm AR mount from Arken and it is very nice as well. Put both on an AR and sighted in.
    I love the tracking, the zero stop, the markings on the knobs, everything.
    FFP and lifetime warranty, whats not to love.
    Only down side in my opinion is that it is a little big and heavy. It might look a little silly on a .22 but what the heck.
    Is it the best scope? Of course not! Is it the best scope for the money? YES!!!
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