Anyone Ambidextrous using their pistol????


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May 23, 2010
Any ambidextrous shooters here? Not people that practice left handed shooting but are right handed. I can pickup a gun or hammer in either hand and use. The only thing hard for me is writing with the left hand. Had the left hand hit to many times in the 1st and 2nd grade with a wood ruler if the pencil was in it. At one time if you took training on the use of a knife you could confuse the guy you were sparing with as trying was slanted toward right hand use.

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Apr 15, 2011
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Being cross-eye dominant also requires some adjustment, such as a modified Weaver stance. I was never completely left-handed, but use both. Learned fencing left handed, throw frisbee better left, periodically work on writing and brushing teeth left, play volleyball with either hand (which gets me in hot water with players that keep telling me to use both hands together). Most of my firearms are as ambi as possible, partly since our youngest is left handed.

Since I learned fencing left (it's an advantage as you mentioned, as most train against right handers), I keep my knife in the left pocket.
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Dec 9, 2017
I started out left handed but born in the 1960s and having a Dad that was 44 when I was born. I was not allowed to do anything but eat left handed. Way old school.

My writing skills sucks but have managed to be good shooting right or left When I shoot left it doesn't feel awkward so I'd be good either way.

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Oct 8, 2014
My brother-in-law qualified his FAM for both right and left. But when it came time to test if that worked or not, they wouldn't let him on active duty when he was rehabbing a right shoulder injury. Apparently it was on record somewhere that since is right hand was dominant it didn't matter and they wouldn't let him just switch.


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May 14, 2010
I am right-handed, but last year I tore my right bicep and needed 2 surgeries. For several months I could only use my left hand for everything. That's the hard way to become abmbidextrous. When I went back to shooting, I used my left hand for a while. I have been shooting gunfigher style (SA revolver in each hand) in cowboy action for around 20 years. I have several COFs in my pistol league where we shoot weak-hand only, also. I more that occasionally train left-handed, I shoot that way quite often.

Right now I am back to shooting right handed when shooting with two hands. I'm not quite where I was, but close. For Bullseye shooting (one-handed) I still do better left-handed. I have shot sectional and state bullseye matches this year with my left hand and I placed about where I normally would shooting with my right. For years I have had a shake in right hand and hardly any in my left. Even when my right hand gets 100%, I think I will continue to shoot Slow-Fire with my left and I may shoot Timed and Rapid with my right hand.


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Jan 27, 2008
I enjoy shooting a pistol with which ever hand I pick it up with, or which ever side of the table I happen to be at. Never had a problem with "weak hand" or "strong hand" because both hands are "strong".

And I do feel very lucky about it.


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Aug 18, 2011
Southside Indy
I bat and golf right handed, but everything else is left handed. I practice shooting right handed, but am no where as quick. I should practice more.
I write, bat, golf, shoot and throw frisbee right handed, but throw and bowl left handed. Basically anything requiring more strength than precision I do left handed. I'm right eye dominant though. When I was a kid, I had the only pair of boxing gloves in my little group of friends, but that worked out for me because I could use the left glove and only block with my right hand, and they'd do the opposite.


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Feb 1, 2021
Lake County
I posted this on a thread about ambi safeties earlier but it's more relevant here.

I'm a lefty but I'm semi ambidextrous too. I wrote left handed up until age 6 when I broke my left wrist. After 8 weeks in a cast, the cast came off and I never stopped writing with my right hand. I throw left handed, shoot left handed, bat right handed, swing a golf club right handed, kick with my left foot, eat right handed, drive nails and use hand tools with either hand. Some of the right handed stuff I think I learned by mimicking my older brother. Here is the rub. I'm right eye dominant which doesn't work well for a lefty shooter. I can't shoot any handgun or long gun right handed to save my life. I need to teach myself that skill but at my age, old habits are very hard to break.
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