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Anybody bought a gun in 2023?

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  • Revdev86

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    Jan 18, 2023
    Central Indiana
    Currently waiting on 2 NFA approvals that should come in this year (hopefully) so that counts to me.
    Plan to liquidate a few of the lesser used items in the collection this year and upgrade optics
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    Oct 3, 2008
    On a hill in Perry C
    Picked up a Tisas Carry in 45 ACP week before last to keep the Argentine Systema I got from Mongo company. Other than a T1x Hunter I don't see many guns getting bought this year. Actually will probably have less at the end than at the beginning, going to thin out a bunch of 22's and shotguns I don't shoot.


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    May 30, 2009
    Not technically...... but I did buy a can cannon off of snorko.

    Im like others, I want to finish off some of the guns that are almost done, need some optics, a trench gun kit etc. I would be down for a INGO lower or two and never going to say Im not buying a gun.
    Hope you got one ordered.
    They're all but gone now...
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