amazon links mangled?


Don't Panic
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Jun 20, 2019
Calumet Twp.
Irrelevant. if I hard code a URL as a URL, it should stay a URL. Its not Media, its a URL.

And I could see it being a "feature" when you just paste the URL into the body and go, but when you explicitly specify its a URL it should stay a URL. Full stop. Because obviously arbitrarily rewriting it breaks some browsers.

Found it. Ublock Origin. Because of the media rewrite instead of a URL, it thinks its an ad and blocks it. SMH
I think it uses the media tag so it can show a page preview? Just a guess.


know-it-all tart
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Nov 5, 2013
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OK, when I just pasted the URL there was nothing. When I clicked on the little chain icon along the top, pasted the URL, and typed "pants hangers on Amazon" in the text box, the link came up.
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