AAR - NFA Veterans Day 2013


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Aug 20, 2009
Nashville, IN
Thank you to everyone that came out today. Despite the rain, I can personally say it was a fantastic experience.

Ok - lets see those pics !!


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Mar 18, 2009
Behind Bars
Ok - lets see those pics !!



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Mar 21, 2012
It was a great time. Thanks again to Dave (lovemywoods) and his family for hosting this fantastic event. Also thanks to all the NFA owners who brought their stuff out to share, as well as the guys from Profire, whose AK and MP5 I heavily abused. :ar15:

I just got finished cleaning and oiling everything and putting the cases out to dry. My Beretta 92 was already starting to rust. :(

I don't have a lot of pictures and videos as I was more focused on shooting, but here's what I have:









This was an amazing event and I hope I'm lucky enough to be able to participate again next year.

Finally, I managed to make it the entire day without falling, even going up and down those steep hills... until the very end. As I was leaving, I swung my truck around the circle to go pick up my table. When I got out and went to grab the table, my feet slid out from under me and I wiped out. Oh well, I guess it had to happen sometime. :dunno:


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Dec 13, 2011
North Georgia
What an incredible day! Thank you again to every one involved! New friends, Guns, Food, Gen 3 Night vision, whisper quiet 22s and 9s. Freakin MG42 devistation. What more could a guy ask for?

Pics to come.


aka: Vinny
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Sep 26, 2012
Had a wonderful day in spite of the weather. Thanks to Dave and family for opening their home. I look forward to seeing all of the pictures what I have seen so far are great.


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Jan 16, 2008
So it's Monday afternoon and I'm home now and (mostly) awake.

Before I get into reporting on all the fun and action that was had this weekend, I'd like to kick things off with some expressions of gratitude. In no particular order I would like to thank:

shooter521, bigcraig, and VUPDblue - without you guys NFA Day would not exist. From being the first vendors to now being organizers and ROs, your work and input has been invaluable over the years.

lovemywoods and Mrs. lovemywoods - for being the most wonderful hosts I've ever encountered. You two take on more risk, more time, more energy, more cost, more hospitality, and more work than an other person that plays a part in NFA Day. And I say this as someone with first-hand knowledge of your efforts. While you would never admit it yourselves, you put far more into NFA Day than folks will probably ever realize. You are examples for all of us to follow.

Kr_Treefrog2 - for playing a behind-the-scenes role that kept us running smoothly all weekend. When we had an unexpected ATV cart failure on Noob Day you drove out to get it fixed ASAP. You also helped with the food organization that we all took advantage of each night.

Clay & OneBadV8 - for riding shotgun with me and helping me haul gear up and down the big hill. Your efforts made things go so much faster, and I wasn't the last to dinner this year.

The Profire Arms crew (Aszerigan, hemicharger, Menace67, hondatech2k2) - for providing lots of cool toys, and for facilitating an experience that many INGOers aren't soon to forget. I personally had several attendees tell me how professional and courteous your crew was. I hope the time you'll spend cleaning guns and gear over the next few days goes smoothly.

TheUziButton and crew (homeless, macvalley) - for the crowd-pleasing, flame-throwing, drool-inducing firearms, and for the time spent helping educate people about them. You cannot mistake TheUziButton's enthusiasm for guns (and cameras!). The bonus night-vision demo was VERY cool.

greenhorn & Dave Calvin - for providing medical services to the group. It's a position we try so hard to not utilize, but you deserve the thanks all the same. Your contributions are vital to NFA Day.

The Noob Day participants - for having fun and playing by the rules. Your attention to safety was priority #1 and that ensured that we could all enjoy priority #2 (fully-automatic bullet pulling!). I enjoyed meeting you all and putting faces to usernames. You asked some very good questions during the educational segments. INGOers never fail to impress!

The Vets Day participants - for reminding me of what a great community INGO is, and for sharing your recently-acquired NFA goodies with the rest of the class. You guys are alright I guess. ;)

bwframe - for showing up uninvited on Friday evening to help us set up the range and get some items checked off our to-do list. And then for staying late on Sunday night to make sure the range got cleaned up nicely. Your can-do attitude and willingness to help never goes unnoticed.

RobbyMaQ - for designing and creating the most awesome nametags and targets we've ever had in the 6 years we've hosted NFA Day. Your efforts really upped the bar this year. The "I Survived. . ." stickers were a nice touch too!

Fenway and the attending INGO Mod Staff (SmileDocHill, lovemywoods, VUPDblue, RobbyMaQ) - for always being supportive of NFA Day and the effort that goes into it. I think folks liked having a place to get INGO swag immediately. You are always welcome at NFA Day.

Pitch-in food providers - for being a part of two epic meals! Everyone who has been to an NFA Day knows that dinner is half the experience! Whether it was cups or ice or baked beans or desserts, your contribution made my belly happy!

Canopy and/or table providers - for giving us a place to lay out our gear, or a place to stand when it was raining. I know they aren't the easiest things to pack, but they sure do make a difference!

And last but not least . . .

The Brown County Sheriff's Office - for your understanding and help educating callers who report automatic gunfire in the area. ;) We are lucky to have a pro-gun Sheriff in office. :yesway:


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Sep 27, 2012
Westfield, IN
A big thank you to the Rice family for opening up their doors to host such a great event. You guys sure know how to entertain.

I have to second this. Thank you so much for having us over and treating us to a day we wont soon forget. Also, thank you to all the individuals who brought their gear which made for such a fun and exciting event.


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Aug 20, 2009
Lawrence County
Yes, a big thank you to the Rice family. Their generosity was very much appreciated. :ingo:

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