A crop you need to learn how to grow.


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Nov 11, 2008
Potatoes.Why?They will grow with little help or maintenance.The Irish feed 10-12 people for a year per half acre of potatoes for well over two centuries.

Learn about a few varieties.There are some that will do well in moisture and others during drought.When planting try a few varieties.From Sailor,and important."Choose a high or well drained area to plant them. In IN clay they will rot in the ground."Very true.

Learn how to store them.A quick root cellar.5 gallon bucket.Kitty liter 2 inches deep.Piece of wire mesh or chicken wire over the litter.Clean(do not damage the skin or over clean),let air dry,place in the bucket.Seal and bury to keep cool and out of the light.Check them every other month,and remove any that are bad and replace kitty litter as needed.The summer crop will last until the next season stored this way.Keep them below the frost line when you bury them.You can not bury them to deep though you want to be above the water line if at all possible.
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Jan 25, 2010
Potatoes are awesome....

You can grow them through a variety of methods and its like Christmas when you harvest them, you never how many are going to come up!


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Aug 10, 2009
They just taste so much better than the ones I've bought in grocery. I believe that just about all the potatoes that are available in the grocery have been stored for a lot of time.


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Feb 27, 2010
I have 3 rows of potatoes out and they already have blooms on them. So I will be digging new potatoes before you know it.


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Dec 29, 2008
Greenwood, IN
I had an uncle that used to grow potatoes in old tires. He would plant a couple of plants in a tire filled with dirt and when the plants got large enough, he would add a second tire and fill that with dirt. As the plants would grow, he would just keep adding tires to the stack and by the end of summer he would have a stack of dirt filled tires and potatoes about 5 feet tall.


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Nov 10, 2008
Bedford, IN
Got mine out early this year and they are knee-high and blooming already...

Tried a new variety this year for grins... it's called "All Blue" and has bluish colored plants and the potatoes themselve are blue/purple colored. Shall be interesting...

This is my first time growing potatoes in several years. Hopefully they turn out well. Storage is going to be my main problem...


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Nov 25, 2008
I messed up on the potatoes this year. I ended up buying two 5lb bags of seed potatoes but focused on everything else this year and never got around to planting them. I bought them a month or two ago at Lowes and this last weekend I tilled up a new area and actually got the potatoes planted. I was amazed at how long the sprouts were from just setting in the bags in the garage. I got the potatoes in on Sunday, and yesterday was all rain so hopefully something will start to work itself out.

Next year I think I'm going to try that tire method. It looks awesome.


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May 5, 2008
Fort Wayne
Not really a potato but sweet potatoes I found easier to grow in my garden, which is basically a hole in clay filled with topsoil.
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