.223 projos in stock at RMR Bullets


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Nov 5, 2010
Morgan County
Are they starting to get caught up?
I think they are getting further behind as time goes on & orders come in. They have removed some of the offerings from the website (no longer taking backorders on those), stating a copper shortage (or something like that) on FB & trying to not get to a 5 month backorder status.

I ordered some of their 69gr jhpbt a while back, got a tracking # last night.

I typically just make my order & wait for them to come in, I figure the more time they take replying to requests & emails the less time they are being productive.

When times aren't crazy they are pretty speedy at processing orders.


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Dec 26, 2010
North Central IN
Website says 5-8 weeks to ship even on instock stuff.

I place my orders and wait. They still have great prices and great products. I’ve used there 55gr 223, 115 and 124gr 9mm and have been impressed with everything.

I use their 124gr JHP for my shtf stash of hollow points.
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