2017 Ameriqual A-Pack MRE group buy


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Nov 11, 2009
near Bedford on a whole lot of land.
<update 5/23: I have them in my possession and am sending out PMs. I have 19 cases unspoken for. The price on these are now $65/case, anyone who ordered before 5/23 can still get additional ones at $62/case with their original order, the new price reflects if we have to meet again at a later date. PMs have been sent to all on the original list>

Delivery Chain Thread:

I've had a lot of folks asking about this lately, and since the trauma of doing the last one (4 pallets total!) has faded in the memory, I am going to do another one. Please also note: if you are one of the people who left me holding the bag on any of the previous buys, you are ineligible for this one. The lists of who paid up with no problems and who was naughty are on the threads for those buys.

Please read this entire post. I am NOT RESPONDING TO PMs that ask a question that is answered here, and I am NOT taking orders via PM. I want everything about this out in the open where everyone can see. This buy will also be posted in other sites so I will put tallies for orders for the other sites (and various people I know IRL who buy) here.

Read all about them here:


Please note these are not the military packaging and the arrangement of the menus is a little different, but the food inside and the individual food packaging is the same just in the civilian outer packaging (Ameriqual makes the military MREs). These are the most current production run there is. They won't do another production run until their current inventory is sold.

I will buy the pallet(s) UP FRONT and ONLY collect money once I have MREs in my possession: no lynch mobs showing up at the Ranch because I've been holding money for several months like happened to a certain member here a while back. Obviously this means I would have the risk of not everyone making good on their promises to buy and I could potentially be stuck with extra cases of MREs. Thanks to Profire last time for buying the half-pallet I had left over.

So, here's how I'm going to run it: I will buy a pallet or two if there is interest. That's 48-96 cases. WHEN I have the MREs in my possession I will collect payments via paypal+3%, or cash/check. No checks during in-person pickups, and only once a check has cleared will the MREs be released. Once you have paid, your username gets written on the case(s) and they are yours until the supply chain can get them to you. Payment will be within 2 weeks of my having the pallet(s) in my possession or yours go up for grabs and you get added to the list of folks ineligible for future ones. I am buying these on my credit card and I do not like to carry a balance on the card.

Since I am buying these up front it's going to be first come, first served. ie, you post IN THIS THREAD, "I want 2 cases" then you have committed to buying 2 cases. I won't accept conditional orders ("I will take X cases IF"). Until I actually have possession of the pallet you can change your mind or quantity. If you cannot make good on your interest (this means actually paying for them) within 2 weeks of when I have MREs in my possession, then you go to the end of the line for availability. Last couple of times I had people jerk me around with "check is in the mail" including someone who ignored the repeated PMs requesting payment then got huffy a couple months later when they were sold to someone else.

Sorry to be a hardass but I can guarantee there are at least a few folks who will have unexpected expenses and won't make good on their commitment. I try very hard not to be that kind of person and I have little patience for others who do it.

If I am stuck with 20 extra cases of MREs at the end, I will be selling them for a profit here or elsewhere. To be clear, if you get in on the buy early, I am not making any profit at all. The only way I would profit from this deal is if I end up getting stuck with a bunch of people backing out once I have paid for them and there's not enough people standing by with requests at which point I'll be selling the remaining ones at a higher price.

Retail per-case price from Ameriqual is $69.99 plus tax (a hair under $75) and shipping . The group buy price is $62 per case flat out for those who ordered before 5/23 and $65 for those who order after then. This covers my mileage driving there and back at the government rate which for my truck is low (and is cheaper that having pallets shipped).

As far as distribution: it's up to each purchaser to pick them up or arrange the supply chain to pick them up. I am in Bedford and Bloomington most days during the week and get down through Louisville every month or so. I would be picking them up in Evansville and can meet folks down south the day I pick them up, and once every couple months or so I get up to Indy. I am NOT going to be a delivery service running around the state as I can spend a bunch in gas for something I make no money doing. You can arrange for someone else to pick yours up. All details of these transactions will be made public on this post so there is no question.

I will ship them for the actual shipping costs+$2 for making me spend the time to look up shipping costs and swing by the terminal. Most times it's $18-20 for shipping ConUS. so PLEASE don't ask me to spend the 10-15 minutes of time it takes to go back and forth with you because you didn't give me an address to ship to when I look it up and then have to deal with plugging that information into the UPS or FEDEX site unless you are serious.

Links to previous group buys I ran:


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Nov 11, 2009
near Bedford on a whole lot of land.
Saved for the list

bigworm 4 contacted me, working on arranging payment/pickup

lonehoosier 2 -- PAID DELIVERY PENDING
Snorko 4 -- PAID DELIVERED Evansville pickup, as always a pleasure.
saintnick81 1 PAID DELIVERED
Mgderf 2 --PAID DELIVERED TO 308jake
Bmbutch 2 -- PAID PICKEd UP by Snorko Evansville
masterdekoy 1 PAID DELIVERED
pearlman1966 2 PAID DELIVERED
The Professor 2 -- PAID DELIVERED Evansville
coserman 2 -- PAID DELIVERED
Bill Of Rights 2 PAID DELIVERED TO 308jake
jblomenberg16 1 PAID DELIVERED TO VERT
GSquared 3 -- PAID Delivered to VERT
Principal Skinr 2 - PAID DELIVERED
hickuleas 2 PAID DELIVERED
dnurk 2 PAID DELIVERED transporting rkwhyte2, Spencer Rifle, Kitty Slayer
Phase2 5 PAID DELIVERED -- transporting Gadgetmonster's and IndyIN's and Vlad the Impaler's
rkwhyte2 2 PAID PICKED UP bydnurk
Spencer Rifle 2 PAID DELIVERED TO dnurk to get to KittySlayer
IndyIN 2 --PAID PICKED UP by Phase2
Vlad the Impaler 3 PAID PICKED UP by Phase2
Gadgetmonster 2 PAID PICKED UP by Phase2
KittySlayer 2 -- PAID delivered to dnurk who also picked up Spencer Rifle's

Running total: 72
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Jan 4, 2009
I am in for 2 cases.

I will pick these up in Bedford as before and help shuttle MREs for those around Seymour. I am sure there will be some interest.

Bill of Rights

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Apr 26, 2008
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I am in for two cases. I'm close to lafayette, but when I change worksites coming up shortly, I should be in Indy area a few times a week. If anyone can shuttle two cases up at least that far, I can get them the rest of the way home.


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Jan 29, 2013
Northeast IN
In for two(2) cases.

With Spencer Rifle on hoping for some coordination for transport to Ft. Wayne area. If not I occasionally make it to Indy and will figure it out.

THANKS for coordinating, dealing with this many people can be a pain in the butt.
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