WTS: (2) Complete midlength ARs. USED, proven, battle ready. Double Star, LMT, Larue.

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Feb 26, 2011
Both SOLD, Thanks!

OK I've decided to let go of a couple more rifles from my collection. Lightly used ones this time. Both rifles have been test fired for function, sighted in, and have given me NO issues whatsoever. Having said that, neither rifle has had more than 200 rounds fired through it. Both rifles shoot great.

Rifle 1:
Lower: Palmetto State Armory PA-15, marked "Multi" caliber. Low shelf, full cutout. PSA lower parts build kit with black buffer, 6-position MIL-Spec tube, BCM FDE Gunfighter grip, LMT marked FDE SOCOM stock with storage tubes, MagPul triggerguard, VLTOR single point sling loop lockplate, and Rock River Match 2-stage trigger group.

Upper: Complete premium Palmetto State Armory A2 profile 16" midlength upper- Barrel is marked "5.56 NATO 1x7 CHROMED", BCG is marked with PSA logo, charging handle is early model BCM Gunfighter. Muzzle device is Spike's Tactical Dynacomp, mounted with crush washer. Also included are Magpul MOE handguards and Magpul MOE vertical foregrip, both in FDE.
Sights: Standard pinned F marked front sight base anbd A2 post, LMT fixed rear sight with 10/32 nyloc nut mod (does away with that giant thumbscrew), and Primary Arms MD-08 red dot sight with Tango Down T1 cover (modified to fit) and Larue Tactical LT660HK QD mount. To prevent confusion on the mount, I'll explain- the early Primary Arms dot sights sat higher than a regular T1/T2, so with a standard LT660 mount they sat higher than 1/3 cowitness and the irons weren't very visible through the optic. With the LT660HK mount, it sits at absolute cowitness height and the irons are visible perfectly through the optic.
This rifle has been spray painted camouflage, with Krylon/Rustoleum camo spray paint. It can be removed via citristrip or whatever if you like, but I'm not interested in stripping the paint myself. How you see it is how it will be sold.
This rifle includes one 30rd FDE PMag.
$1500 cash FTF. If you want it cheaper, I'd be willing to keep the optic and mount or maybe the Dynacomp or trigger group. I do have a standard A2 flash suppressor and a standard semiauto trigger group I could easily swap in.

Rifle 2:
Lower: Double Star Corp STAR-15, marked 5.56mm. Low shelf. PSA premium lower parts kit, 6-position MIL-Spec receiver extension, Colt contract M4 (waffle) stock marked 4U486 with sling loop, Magpul triggerguard.
Upper: Complete premium Palmetto State Armory gov't profile 14.7" upper. Barrel is marked "5.56 NATO 1/7 CL MP PSA", BCG is marked with PSA logo, upper is T-marked and PSA-marked, charging handle is later model BCM Gunfighter, muzzle device is Spike's Dynacomp pinned and welded to make legal 16" length. Standard midlength handguards and sling swivel.
Sights: Standard pinned F marked front sight base and A2 post, LaRue LT103 QD rear sight.
This rifle includes one 30rd black PMag.
$1100 cash FTF. If you want it cheaper I'd be willing to remove the rear sight and replace it with a budget A2 style removeable sight with a thumbscrew mount.

Take both for $2500 cash.

I'm in the Carmel/Westfield area, not really looking for trades, just looking for an easy face-to-face transaction near me. I don't need a bill of sale or anything, but please be an Indiana resident and not a prohibited person- just don't come across like a creep and we'll make this fast and easy.















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