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  • Slow Hand

    Aug 27, 2008
    West Side
    As Brittney Spears is famous for saying…

    “I’ll Fu#%!~<g cut you!”


    No, no, no…. Less 2020’s Brittney and more 1990’s Brittney…


    Oops; I did it again…

    Stopped by a semi regular haunt and looked back on the goody rack and saw something by shiny.

    Came home with a Pedersoli 1861 Springfield. In great shape, few little nicks and scratches but nothing horrible; especially for the price. I had gone into work early and left a bit early so I had time to run home and grab some powder and miniés and head to the range. It took a bit to figure out where it was hitting but proceeded to produce a few decent three shot groups at 50 yards. Hitting basically 6” high with a Lee bullet and 65fr of FFg. I’ll be honest, the sights aren’t the easiest to see with my aging eyes and after the first couple of attempts, I wasn’t super excited about it. Once I kinda figured it out, I realized it was doing pretty decent! Looking forward to taking it out again and maybe putting up a bigger hunk of cardboard to see where it’s hitting at 100 and if I can hopefully produce some respectable groups.




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