1. B

    INGO Moblie App

    Does INGO have an app? I notice that this site is NOT very moblie friendly. Would anyone like to join up and make one if they do not have one or is there some rule about firearm forums in the app store? :ar15:
  2. DanVoils

    WTS: INGO Dust Cover

    "SOLD" I have a brand new INGO Dust Cover for sale. Looking at $16 shipped. It is the #2 design and is engraved on the inside of the cover. The logo is only visible when the cover is open. (The logo is not upside down when on the gun. It's upside down in the picture for continuity with the...
  3. ATM

    INGO Argument Matches ...One: The Prequel

    INGO Argument Matches ...One: The Prequel Prequel? Yes, starting with the last match first has been interesting, to say the least, but probably confusing as well. No matter how long it sits dormant from this point, it will also play a role in the final test. You see, I'm never just arguing...
  4. DanVoils

    WTS: 2 INGO Dust Covers

    I have 2 INGO Dust Covers for sale. Looking at $18.50 $16 each shipped. #1 is engraved on the outside of the cover. The logo is only visible when the cover is closed. SOLD #2 is engraved on the inside of the cover. The logo is only visible when the cover is open. (The logo is not upside down...
  5. HMMurdock

    I Want To See Some Firearms Collections

    I am trying to find some threads of members' firearms collections so I can admire the work and beauty but I can't find threads that aren't for a specific type of firearm. Can we post some here, please, or send me in the right direction? Thanks.
  6. D

    Selling a Handgun

    I am selling a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 full size. I am sure this is frowned upon, but didn't know if there are any other sites similar to this one to list guns for sale that don't cost anything. I am wanting to sell this gun farely quick to free up some money for Christmas. Ad listed below...
  7. N_K_1984

    Spotted: INGOer in the wild...

    ...spotted within the confines of The Peoples Replublic of Bloomington. My fiance actually spotted the sticker and took the pic. Sorry for tailgating! I was only trying to get a picture for the forum! :): :ingo:
  8. nsheepdog

    Firewalls at work

    I can access INGO from work (while many other benign sites are blocked) which is totally awesome! I don't know how the admins set up the site, but it's great.
  9. NomadS

    Moderators! How about a thread to invite Magpul to Indiana?

    with 28,000 members maybe we could make some type of impact?
  10. sadclownwp

    WTS/WTT: Canon 30D Camera, Lens, Extras

    Traded Canon EOS 30D body Canon Ultrasonic lens - 28 - 135 mm Macro Lens - with image stabilizer 1:3.5-5.6 IS Canon Zoom Lens Canon EOS 30d digital manual English Canon EOS 30d digital manual Spanish Magic Lantern Guide to Canon 30D Canon EOS 30D DVD Canon Battery Grip BG-E2 with Canon...
  11. rambone

    1000 INGO Threads Started Club

    Somebody informed me that I just initiated my 1000th thought-provoking and insightful INGO thread. :D I think I can die a happy man now. Who else is in the club?? :ingo:
  12. 40calPUNISHER

    INGO Fun Facts

    Out of the 16,334 current members on INGO, only 8,372 members have logged on/show account activity(62 members that have their activity blocked) for 2011. Anyone else have a fun fact?
  13. F

    Google image search your username

    post the first image in this thread. Keep it PG
  14. F

    INGO has a new Facebook Page - Please join us!

    We have created a "Fan" page for INGO. Our first INGO page on Facebook was setup as a "group" page and unfortunately group pages have a cap on the number of members you can have. We want to be able to allow all of our friends to join us on Facebook. Indiana Gun Owners (INGO) | Facebook...
  15. sadclownwp

    What Pretty Women do after Gun Shows

    As active shooters its our responcability to take new shooters to the range and really reinforce their interest in our sport. Sometimes that means going out and having a bit of safe fun instead of repetative training. I like to do my part one or two women at a time. So today after the Valpo...
  16. F

    How much time do you spend on INGO per day

    On average how much time do you spend on INGO per day?
  17. Tomcat_AL200

    INGO Pride

    I suppose were supposed to show our INGO Pride, so here is a picture of how I bring the wisdom and reason of INGO to Purdue's campus...
  18. rambone

    Green Square Club

    This is a club for anyone who has achieved "green square status" in their INGO reputation.
  19. F

    Your opinion on the 50 post rule or become a Site Supporter for Classifieds Access

    At this time the classifieds are set up so that a member must have 50 posts in order to participate. Another way to get into the classifieds is to become an INGO Site Supporter for $10 and your profile is set up with 50 posts for access to the classifieds. When I created INGO I didn't realize...
  20. F

    Emails to the Admin

    We get many emails here a day at INGO. Most come through the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the forum index. Registered members or "guests" can send a message. Sometimes the messages are memorable. I'm going to post some of the better ones as they come through. Names, IPs, email...
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