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    1. gregr

      What is your carry gun?

      Glock 42 .380. Glock 30 .45 acp. Colt Python 4 1/4".
    2. gregr

      The prettiest revolvers out there.

      In my humble opinion, no revolver has ever been as gorgeous as the Colt Python. I was able to end up with a new production Python in 4 1/4".
    3. gregr

      Just Curious - What streaming service(s) do you pay for and why?

      I got Paramount Plus initially to see Yellowstone, but there are a lot of other really good ones available there too. Latest one is Lawman: Bass Reeves.
    4. gregr

      How to attach sling to AR

      I`m going to get to a gunsmith after deer season to get the red dot mounted and bore sighted, so maybe I`ll see if he can advise me. I just had hoped to get the sling attached right away.
    5. gregr

      How to attach sling to AR

      They included a swivel which I presume is the QD mount, and yes, it would appear that the sling would attach on the stock thru a slot, but I`m not familiar with these things and it`s just not obvious to me how this goes into place.
    6. gregr

      How to attach sling to AR

      Thank you and I`m glad to hear that someone else has the rifle and thinks that it`s a good one. Yes, they included a swivel attachment, which I presume is the Quick Detach mount. The sling looks to be very basic, which is more than fine with me, I don`t need anything fancy at all.
    7. gregr

      The Meaning of Thanksgiving

      I`ve seen in other spaces where people who obviously have no religious grounding, but they say that they are grateful or thankful, and I always wonder WHO they are grateful to. In the United States, the early president`s made it crystal clear that we celebrated thanksgiving to Almighty God, but...
    8. gregr

      How to attach sling to AR

      I bought a Springfield Armory Saint Victor .556 recently. It just so happened that Springfield Armory is having a promotion in which I got a free Magpul magazine, a Grey Ghost sling and a Vortex Crossfire red dot. I didn`t know this promotion was going on, so it was a really nice bonus. I`m...
    9. gregr

      What are your training class plans for 2023?

      I cannot afford a Gunsite training class, wish I could. But I would be interested in something/someone local who is reasonable with their prices in regards to AR basics classes. Does anyone know of any AR basics classes?
    10. gregr

      Property Taxes

      When I see middle schools with a digital sign at both entrances and they have a "campus". When I see pro-grade athletic turf on a high school football filed. When I see new basketball "stadiums" going up. I`m only a high school graduate, but even I get that, this has nothing to do with...
    11. gregr

      Thoughts on weapons lights?

      I have Night-Sights on my Glock .45`s. I also have a Surefire 800 Luemen flashlight on the nightstand.
    12. gregr

      Urban and otherwise "survival"

      Even if stored in heat, like an un-cooled garage?
    13. gregr

      Urban and otherwise "survival"

      It didn`t pull up any particular generator. It just went to the page to evaluate them.
    14. gregr

      New Colt Python

      When my dad passed awy last May, he left each of his kids a little something. Not a ton, but a nice little "remembrance". I was able to get 2 things with that money. I got a Tikka 30.06 and a new Colt Python 4". Does anyone else have one, or have any experience with them? I`ve yet to shoot...
    15. gregr

      Urban and otherwise "survival"

      Even saying "generator" opens up a ton of questions. How big a generator? What all will it run? How does it operate? How noisy? Etc.
    16. gregr

      Gun Scrubber

      There are a LOT of "gun products" out there. I know there are a lot of gun cleaning products, but I still like Hoppe`s, entirely because it smells like it did when I was 18, had just started hunting, and cleaned my 12 gauge or .22. I`ve been seeing a lot about gun scrubber, and wonder, what is...
    17. gregr

      Urban and otherwise "survival"

      There is so much good, solid experience and information here. And even more importantly, your willingness to share it. I`m going to go back through this thread, read more slowly and carefully and take notes. This is invaluable. Thank you.
    18. gregr

      Urban and otherwise "survival"

      How do you store water? I`ve read keeping water in plastic containers, the water leaches out bad stuff.
    19. gregr

      Urban and otherwise "survival"

      Avon Roadhouse?
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