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    1. Milburn

      WTS: WTS: Ak-47 plus ammo Price reduced!

      It has been sold. I do have the ammo still. I have a Daniel Defense for sale still it's a M4. Brand new! Plenty of .223 sold with it. 2k
    2. Milburn

      Smith & Wesson Model 41 Lots of details. .22 LR

      I have a Model 41 Smith & Wesson 22 LR up for sale. Fun gun an very accurate not to mention its a great collectors gun as well. I am located on the west side of Indianapolis just right outside downtown next to white river in fact. Do let me know! $1200. Thanks! Feel free to make an offer...
    3. Milburn

      WTS: WTS: Ak-47 plus ammo Price reduced!

      Bump Identified stamp photos added.
    4. Milburn

      WTS: Daniel Defense M4A1 $2k 200+ rounds.

      This AR is like new I have the hard case it came in as well included. I will also include ammo about 200 rounds. The gun will include a 60 round magazine an a 32 round magazine as well. Has a lazer sight green as well as a red dot the is battery as well as solar. I also added the grip on it...
    5. Milburn

      WTS: WTS: Ak-47 plus ammo Price reduced!

      Got a very nice smooth Ak for sale plus ammo there is about 200 rounds or so. All ammo is factory. $1200 do let me know! one of the photos it shows lint or something on the gun, The gun is very clean an not beat up or scuffed. Ammo and the box is included. There is 3 mags with this as well...
    6. Milburn

      Bunch of ammo / brass

      Got a bunch of different ammo there is a lot of manufacturer rounds as well as reloads. No I don't know the numbers of how many I have of different calibers but there is a lot of this an that such as 30-6 magnum auto and etc you also got some 222 in here some 40. Like I said a but of...
    7. Milburn

      WTS: Winchester 16 gage

      Got a nice Model 12 16 gage for sale very clean pump. West Indianapolis right outside downtown! $500.00
    8. Milburn

      A whole lot of ammo just look

      There is a whole lot of ammo here the list will go on. I have it all laid out and I got a bucket that has a bunch of random rounds in it as well. Some items have been sold I will update, till then just ask!
    9. Milburn

      Winchester Model 12. 16 gage.

      Got a very nice 16 gage up for sale. I'm located just outside of downtown here in Indianapolis on the west side. Do let me know if interested! $700
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