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    1. Trading_Fool

      WTS: Desert Eagle 357

      SOLD Desert Eagle 357 in good shape. 2 9 rnd mags. No box. I've owned my 80's dream gun and now its time to move on. I am most interested in trading for a 357 revolver. 686 or something similar. 4" or over barrel. If I am to put a price on it, I would say $900. Let me know if you have any...
    2. Trading_Fool

      WTB: Jpoint/tasco optima/redfield accelerator/shield

      Looking for a micro red dot that fits the shield/jpoint mount. If it doesn’t work, that is fine as long as the lens is good. I ruined mine. Let me know if you have one that you are willing to sell. Thanks
    3. Trading_Fool

      WTB: Strike industries Glock gen 4 comp

      Looking for the strike industries comp that does not use a threaded barrel. Please let me know if you have 1 that you are willing to part with. Thanks
    4. Trading_Fool

      What a gun shop should be

      Been in there 5 or 6 times and purchased my new favorite CC. Never pressured with a good pistol selection, reasonably priced, and doesn’t seem bothered at all by window shopping. Lol And if you haven’t fondled the holosun on a pistol yet, you need to. I know my next purchase.
    5. Trading_Fool

      WTB: Beretta 92 barrel

      Looking for a beretta 92 threaded barrel. Wanting to install a compensator if you have one of those also. Please let me know. Thanks
    6. Trading_Fool

      WTS/WTT: AR slide fire stock

      Sold I have a used slide fire stock that I want rid of. $100 or trade for 9mm ammo, .223 ammo(steel brass whatever), or a stripped lower. Let me know if you are interested. I will meet on the south side in a public place. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Paul 317-413-8543
    7. Trading_Fool

      Tavor left handed conversion

      I have read that you have to take the gun to a gunsmith to have the conversion done for headspace issues. Does anyone know who can do this in Indy? It doesn't look like a good idea to try and shoot it lefty with the RH eject on it.
    8. Leather


    9. Trading_Fool

      WTS: PSL w/original scope and ammo

      I have a Romanian PSL that I have had for a few years and just don't shoot it much. It is in great condition with the 4x scope it came with, 4 mags, bipod, additional scope mount for a more modern scope and 1430 rounds. I am asking 1500 for the package. I will not separate.
    10. IMG 0006

      IMG 0006

    11. Trading_Fool

      WTB: AR lower

      I am looking for a couple of stripped lowers for projects. Not looking for high dollar parts, just something that I can build on. Please let me know if you have 1 or 2 you would be willing to part with. Thanks, Paul
    12. Trading_Fool

      10/22 wood stock

      I am looking for a 10/22 wood stock. I don't care if it is in rough shape, as I will be refinishing it. Let me know if you have one that you are willing to part with and how much. Thanks, Paul
    13. Trading_Fool

      WTS: Rem 1200

      You are correct. I am an idiot. It is a winchester...Sorry
    14. Trading_Fool

      WTS: Rem 1200

      SPF. Sorry about the mistake, but it is a winchester.Rem 1200 28in smooth barrel. A few light scratches on the barrel and a small ding or 2 on the stock. $150. Any questions, let me know. I will only meet on the south side of indy or the east side before or after work. This is one gun that...
    15. Trading_Fool

      WTS: 3 cheap pistols

      All SPF. I am sorry if I didn't reply to your emails. I got many more that I expected. Thanks for all of the interest. Paul Second up is a nagant pistol 7 shot 7.62x38. Old...a few scratches...holster...about 1 box of ammo. $120 Third is a sundance .25 pocket pistol. It will not...
    16. Trading_Fool

      Can you send ammo to someone?

      Thanks for the info. He said he was tired of being barney fife (for those of us old enough to get the reference)
    17. Trading_Fool

      Can you send ammo to someone?

      As the title says, can you send ammo to an individual in a state that allows it(Florida) and if so what requirements are there? My step dad can't find .22 and thought that I would send him a couple hundred rounds if it is legal. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
    18. Trading_Fool

      A sad day

      That is why I said it is a sad day
    19. Trading_Fool

      A sad day

      Today was a sad day when I realized that I didn't remember the words to the pledge...For those of you like me, I thought we should be reminded. My daughter recites this everyday at school and I think the rest of us should remember. I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of...
    20. Trading_Fool

      ak hi cap conversion

      Does an ak imported during the last ban that has been dremelled out to accept hi cap mags have to be converted to 922r? I have been trying to search with no luck. It is a wasr 10 that uses 10 rnd mags. Any info would be greatly appreciated. And another question, I was thinking about seeing...
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