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    1. Madmax

      Twin Cities 30-06 Garand Collector Ammo

      (Price Drop) $50 to $40 Two boxes of 30-06 Garand Twin Cities Ordinance 30 cal. M2 for your collection. Wanamaker area.
    2. Madmax

      WTS: Colt LE 6920 NIB AR15 in 223 / 556mm

      Colt LE6920 AR-15 NEW IN BOX in 223 REM./556mm Indianapolis Southeast. Price Drop to $1400 No Sale
    3. Madmax

      Texas Lawsuit

    4. Madmax


      This is a good group, Welcome
    5. Madmax

      Let’s talk chainsaws

      go to Bobcat of Indy @ Harding and Troy and they will take care of you with a quality Stihl saw to your size and liking
    6. Madmax

      Fat Guy conceal carry Holster

      Right above the right cheek of you butt inside your pants.
    7. Madmax


    8. Madmax

      WTS: Two Colt LE 6920 NIB AR15's in 223 / 556mm

      Bump - Deal fell through, both available
    9. Madmax

      Henry Rifle

      Stainless Steele 45-70...You hit what you shoot at and it is DRT time (dead right there).
    10. Madmax

      Ruger American Predator in 308 for Idaho Bear Hunt

      I think your decision to go .308 is a good idea. Why pay 30-40 dollars a box for over powered ammo when you can find .308 in a hardware store next to the 30-30 and 30-06. your .308 will actually rise 3" at 100 and 5-6 " low at two hundred. Get a heavy bullet known for expansion and start...
    11. Madmax

      Do you hold grudges, or are you a forgive-and-forget person?

      I hold a grudge but also believe that what goes around comes around. You wait for someone's stupidity to work against them w/o a person wronged even becoming directly involved.
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