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      Grip identification help

      Maybe these people could help. Rogers Guns and Grips
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      Gun lock box for car

      5.9 x 8 x 2.4 inches. But it doesn't matter. Already sold out.
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      Gun lock box for car

      Just received this email flyer for a under seat lock box from Menards. Buy online and ship to store only $9.99.
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      Question for the attorneys

      I worked in the printing industry for over 20 years. Someone in our industry was getting paid to put that ink on that paper. The USPS was getting paid to deliver it to us. It was helping our economy. I don't see how spam emails and texts make any contribution to our economy.
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      9mm factory ammo deals?

      AEAMMO A site supporter and local. Shop is just off County Line Road in Greenwood by the Greenwood Airport.
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      Black Friday 2023

      Ad was just posted online. $19.99
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      Hand Warmers

      That Zippo is real new school. I have two Jon-E warmers. The small one was patented in 1960 and the big one in 1970. Found the following history on the Jon-E. Smith was awarded a patent for his invention on December 25, 1951. The design of the Jon-E can be seen below. An article about the...
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      Alright INGO show your cover.

      A gift from an FBI employee.
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      I impressed myself, I'm not this good

      Went to Indy Arms this morning with one purpose in mind. Dial in the Vortex red dot on my Beretta 92S. After a couple of mags and minor adjustments with the target at 30 feet I decided to shoot a full mag as best I could. In all honesty I was using a MTM pistol rest because at my advanced years...
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      Black Friday 2023

      Menards will have a 4 pack of 30 cal. ammo boxes with a crate at this years Black Friday sale. No clue on the pricing at this point.
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      Best carry insurance.

      Wife and I have US Law Shield. When I was entering their phone number into my phone I accidentally hit send and after the first ring I disconnected the call. Within 3 minutes I received a call from the on duty attorney.
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      Gardening 2023

      Just got this sale notice from Menards this morning, Not in store, but free shipping to store. Mason Jars and pressure canner
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      Remembering classic toys

      I played with Match Box cars and trucks growing up. These preceded Hot Wheels. The day before my 15th birthday my little sister was born. Thanks Mom and Dad. Being the youngest and only boy wasn't to bad a deal up until then. The Match Box cars were used by my little sister growing up. On my...
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      Gun lock box for car

      Under seat lock box My wife and I have three of these. Two in her car, one in mine. Same combination on all three. They are cabled to the front seat frames and are totally out of sight from anyone looking into the cars, even with the doors open. These look like they are on clearance at Menards...
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      Spray paint brands for guns

      I have used their regular paint that requires a spray gun and am very happy with the results. Two pistols and a 22 rifle. The coating is a two part mix and has a cure time and does not have to be baked.
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      What handgun calibers do you own POLL

      I have a 25 caliber semi auto pistol.
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      What Rifle calibers do you own POLL

      I have these two: 8x58R Sauer 8.15X46R Didn't see anyone else listing them.
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      Ethanol-Free Gas in Fishers?

      CountryMark 16222 Allisonville Rd Noblesville, IN
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      Experience with painting, Cerakoting, or GunSkinning your rifle?

      Take a look at DuraCoat Firearm Finishes. It is a two part finish that does not have to be baked. Used a cheap Harbor Freight detail spray gun with results that I am very pleased with. Have done two pistols and one rifle. The rifle is an old Sears 22 gill gun and has some feeding issues so...
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      preacher robbed on livestream now arrested
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