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    1. K

      Tesla Cybertruck or CyberTruck or Cyber Truck

      Yeah not a fan but I am a somewhat old butthead. I like real trucks. Give me that new TRX! Yeehaw!! Almost as impractical as the Tesla CyberJunk...I mean Cyber Truck. Either way, I can't afford either so
    2. K

      Finally Science Confirms. . .

      My old lady lets me do stuff that makes me happy as I am about to have my 19th surgery and she knows I'll be dead soon.
    3. K

      Poison Ivy etc

      I cut the vines and pour Tordon blue on them. Dead to the root. I carefully bag it wearing long sleeves, neckerchief, gloves and long pants no matter how frickin hot and I take this same precation cutting the vines. I toss the paper bag in the trash. Wash my clothes in Dawn dishwashing liquid in...
    4. K

      UAW On Strike

      I'm in the union and a millwright for the company yet they hate me. I hope Shawn gets my retirement benefits back. I wanna retire and flip off those muckety mucks make much mud of out of the mire. Right meow. Super Troopers rule!
    5. K

      Belgian Malinois or GSD breeders in Indiana

      He goes by Gera Bear on FB. He has sable and I believe one black/tan pup left. Not cheap but professional working line K9s are his only goal. He is a blackbelt here in Kokomo at our friend's dojo. You can tell him that David Moon recommended his kennel. He is good people and won't sell a known...
    6. K

      Rep. Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm to Stop Vote

      He should circle the Demonrat wagons while pulling alarms and screaming in hallways having a hissy fit cause he didn't get his way. Waaaaah!
    7. K

      ‘This isn’t working’: Head of ISP calls for complete review of Marion County judicial system

      Since IMPD was given a no pursuit order, only ISP can pursue. When I was playing popo on the streets, the right to chase or break contact ends with me. They broke contact when the chase was heading into the incorporated part of Marion County as it posed significant risk. ISP dropped their speeds...
    8. K

      Indianapolis Flock security camera opinions

      Nope. Just nope. My hood operates on the 2A not a camera system. Now I may not give a Flock but I'm sure some hoods don't have neighbors who know each other. I can call them by name and number should the need should arise. They can call me too since I'm one of the young guys (59 ain't young but...
    9. K

      UAW On Strike

      Everyone were I worked are conservative. There are a lot of FJB and Go Brandon stickers on tool boxes and even machinery. There are woke babies and hard-core Dem backers. It seems that only about 15% vs the 85% of pro gun groups. Just my 2 cents worth of 33 years of observation.
    10. K

      Holosun 407K broken screw

      Take a jeweler's file to cut a slot in it. Use proper straight blade screwdriver. I've had to fix things like this for years.
    11. K

      IMPD & ISP Collaborate to Curb Illegal Street Racing

      MLK Blvd is a hotbed for this. Now, you have out of towners joining in. Cold weather we curb their appetite for stupidity.
    12. K

      UAW On Strike

      @Route 45: Thats not assembling cars, identifying bad processes or gauging parts for a 100 ton punch press. I opted out of any of my union dues going to any political party.
    13. K

      Old AR Handguard Removal?

      Yes, that looks like an old DPMS Panther type fore end. Easy to remove. Might not need to heat it up either if it has been shot much. I doubt Roksett was used.
    14. K

      Surplus Deal Alert - Bushmaster pinned and welded 14.5 inch A2 type carbines.

      We've always called that brand Bush Hampsters.
    15. K

      Nickel or Hard Chrome

      I have sent many a gun down to have hard chromed to a place in Florida. It's been years ago and not sure if Checkmate is still in operation?
    16. K

      Kiddo #4 coming in January

      Congratulations and January 12th is a good date! God bless the little guy!!
    17. K

      Fulton County district attorney's office investigator accidentally shoots self in leg at courthouse

      Down in Hotlanta. Surprised it didn't self cauterize with the temps they see...
    18. K

      UAW On Strike

      The Musk talk is just a poke at Tesla and their crappy pay and benefits. Musk makes profit to shoot stuff at the moon.
    19. K

      How often does this kind of crazy stuff happen in Indy? Sheriff Grady Judd press conference...

      Grady Judd is a great example of what real sheriffs do and there not to be more just like him... He is just savvy enough to televise what happens when detectives and deputies work together to hold these d*&kheads accountable.
    20. K

      New Office of Gun Violence Prevention Announced… **** YOU JOE BIDEN

      Hmmm...was not aware a sitting President could create a new office of anything esp since it requires Congressional approval of funding!
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