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    1. MongooseLaw

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      Just a WASR 10...she shoots nice, a few small upgrades but I also have all the Romanian original furniture when I want to go old school.
    2. MongooseLaw

      WTS: 140 rds Turkish surplus 8mm mauser

      I have 140 rds of Turk surplus ammo in 8mm mauser, clean no corrosion. 70 rds on clips in a bandolier, 70 loose. $60 NE Indiana, I'm in Albion but travel all around the area for work Thanks -John
    3. MongooseLaw

      WTS: Colt 16" complete upper take off from LE carbine, 140rds Turkish 8mm mauser

      Bump, $450 for complete upper w/o carry handle sight
    4. MongooseLaw

      WTS: Colt 16" complete upper take off from LE carbine, 140rds Turkish 8mm mauser

      Hello, I have the following rifles/ items/ gear for sale/trade. PM here questions/pic requests. Rifle trades/sales to IN residents with valid state ID, of legal age and legal to own firearms. Firearms should be checked by qualified gunsmith for safety, not responsible for accidents. I am located...
    5. MongooseLaw

      AR-15 A2/A4s

      Blue force gear makes a version of them
    6. MongooseLaw

      WTS/WTT: Mosin Nagant rifle crate

      Bump, $30 pickup in Angola or albion
    7. MongooseLaw

      2023 Groundhogs

      Picked off another piglet out of the same hole as another one a couple weeks ago. Curiosity killed the ground hog.
    8. MongooseLaw

      WTS/WTT: Czech 98/22 8mm mauser long rifle

      reduction bumpalization, copy $410
    9. MongooseLaw

      2023 Groundhogs

      Had to crawl through the beans to get this guy at about 25/30 yds...two of them standing straight up like meerkats haha...other one disappeared into his hole...I'll be back
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