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    1. H

      WTB: LMT MARS Lower

      Looking for a LMT MARS-L lower near east central Indiana.
    2. H

      WTB: Ruger LCR 22LR

      Looking for a Ruger LCR 22LR near Portland or within an hour. Thanks
    3. H

      Dream factory AR, money is no object

      Hodge Defense.
    4. H

      WTB: 6 ARC ammo/brass

      Looking for 6ARC ammo and brass located in Jay County
    5. H

      WTB: 6mm ARC Ammo

      Looking for 6mm ARC ammo not going to be picky on weight. Located in East Central Indiana.
    6. H

      WTB: Remington LTR 223

      I sold a Remington LTR 223 back in 2016, od green cerekote, aac 51t brake on it. I met at 28 and 67 south of Albany. If possible I'd like to try and buy it back. Here is the link to the old thread. THANKS
    7. H

      High end rifle. AR or AK?

      Sons of Liberty Gun Works and Centurion Arms
    8. H

      STI Staccato P Duo

      Actually the DLC/HardChrome price is within reason if you check prices.
    9. H

      STI Staccato P Duo

      Ya not targeting I got you . 5- $1000 guns is easier to explain than 1 $5000 gun. Financially we are ok, I haven't advertised guns for triple their value on here or silly price gouging. I'm not lying about anything. Our kids have food, shoes, clothes. When I'm on here selling a $300's worth of...
    10. H

      STI Staccato P Duo

      Realistically I got a 5in 2011 milled for RDS all the bells and whistles for the price of a Staccato XC.
    11. H

      STI Staccato P Duo

      It won't be here until Augustish....
    12. H

      STI Staccato P Duo

      I really veered off course from tge staccato, I ordered an Alchemy Quantico HiCap. Better to ask forgiveness the permission...I hope....
    13. H

      WTB: Metal t-posts fence post

    14. H

      WTB: Battle Comp 51t

      Looking for a Battle Comp 51t mount. Let me know what you have. Thanks
    15. H

      WTB: Ak Gas tube

      Looking for a couple ak gas tubes, they dont need furniture just looking for the tubes. Thanks
    16. H

      WTB: Metal t-posts fence post

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