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    1. Dean C.

      New favorite AR controls.

      I love elftman triggers but am not a fan of the safety. The AR safety works in a very similar manner to the 1911's thumb safety, as God intended and I do not feel like messing with perfection.
    2. Dean C.

      UAW On Strike

      UPS gets a pension yes , but you do realize 90% of non- skilled trades UAW (who this thread is about) do not get pensions right? But that would not surprise me given boomer age range.
    3. Dean C.

      UAW On Strike

      With the Delco employees....
    4. Dean C.

      Red dot on EDC handgun

      When my Delta Point Pro eventually dies that is 100% what is going on my Staccato. I have said it years give me a big window enclosed USA made dot and I will buy it, time to prony up, they could have waited a bit though since we are building a house currently :abused:
    5. Dean C.

      Red dot on EDC handgun

      We are getting there RAPIDLY , I am seriously considering dropping a large amount of cash for several Trijicon RMR HDs or RCR's.
    6. Dean C.

      The New Gaming Thread

      Honestly with the new DLC it's probably my favorite game of all time, been playing it since launch on a PS5 and it's like the game was designed for me. But I LOVE the cyberpunk / bladrunner motif. I actually took 2 days off work so I could have an extended weekend to play the new Phantom...
    7. Dean C.

      Red dot on EDC handgun

      I have never understood the back up gun idea, minus it getting confiscated or the gun going caboom 99.9% of the population will never "outshoot" a handgun (I make exceptions for competitive shooters). If I have to use any of my firearms in a defensive shooting I have enough cash on hand to...
    8. Dean C.

      Red dot on EDC handgun

      Milt Sparks Versa Max 2, it's not advertised as optics compatible but it is obviously. That being said I do not think the newer model guns with the dedicated rear sight will work TBH, it's a tight fit now but again obviously 100% safe. This was my original P365 holster from before the XL was...
    9. Dean C.

      Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Issues

      So it functioned totally normally at the range, then between the range and home it took a crap? Or did the problem occur after cleaning and re-assembly? This will help diagnose the issue much easier, also backs up my usual reccomendations to clean, lube and function check a firearm immediately...
    10. Dean C.

      Sporting Clays Shotgun

      A combination of luck and timing, but I am super glad I got it on video!!!
    11. Dean C.

      Sporting Clays Shotgun

      So at @indianagunclub today and I just shot my first 2 for 1 target ever and got it on video!!! Browning 725 with 30 inch tubes, Winchester AA 1350fps 1oz 7.5 shot
    12. Dean C.

      Looking for 22lr pistol recommendations

      Ruger MK4 is always the answer when the question is "what .22lr pistol to get"
    13. Dean C.

      Sporting Clays Shotgun

      Awesome, ordered two sets, assuming they have a service life of one year with my shooting schedule. I would be interested to know why it seems the bottom firing pin is susceptible to damage on the Browning designs. I almost exclusively shoot pairs now , so the top barrel has equal wear I would say.
    14. Dean C.

      Sporting Clays Shotgun

      Reccomendations for firing pin replacement? The infamous Browning bottom firing pin strikes again, no effect to reliability so far, will most likely replace at end of season when it gets cold. No piercing of primers has been occuring. Side note is running 1oz at 1350 going to negativity effect...
    15. Dean C.

      What Watches Do INGO Members Wear? "What's on your forearm"?

      Did you call and talk to any of the shops? I would honestly be really surprised if they could not do a basic service, crown replacement the ocilator replacement might be tricky. But not replacing the hands or face seems like an easy request , and cheaper on their end too.
    16. Dean C.

      Red dot on EDC handgun

      Most pistol RDS weigh around 1oz so the weight argument is irrelevant IMHO. Red dots overcome the inherent sight radius disadvantage of smaller pistols allowing them to be shot significantly easier and better at distance. The future is now gentlemen.
    17. Dean C.

      What handgun calibers do you own POLL

      Let it be noted 45ACP has 40S&W soundly defeated currently
    18. Dean C.

      Thoughts on Alien Gear IWB holster?

      With holsters you almost always get what you pay for and alien gear is a perfect example of that. Yes it can get expensive but good gear is worth it, seldom do very many "do all" holsters like the 4.0 manage to do anything very well at all. I am a fan of leather myself and use multiple sparks ...
    19. Dean C.

      Kimber K6xs

      Full MSRP of $680 honestly anyone who is considering a J-Frame should really look at this gun. It's way nicer than Rugers offerings , and unlike a comparable Smith and Wesson the Kimber actually has a decent trigger. I never thought I would ever say anything positive about a Kimber but I really...
    20. Dean C.

      Shooting a shotgun without a choke present?

      Your 1301 comes with a nicer newer barrel that has extended forcing cones that are very expensive to replace. Please always shoot it with a choke tube installed to protect the threads. The choke system is a big part of what gives a shotgun the versatility it has as a platform IMHO, you don't...
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