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      Eight hours and $3.7 million later

      Not too expensive now - hope insurance covers it
    2. I

      Spending 3 days in Boston. What should I see?

      Definitely try to see a game at Fenway Park - very cool place
    3. I

      Amy Schumer = anti-gun

      She should stick to comedy because she is an absolute joke
    4. I

      A Good Guy Asks Uncle Joe (Biden) for Advice on a Home Defense Weapon

      I hope he leaves public service for good as well as the lame duck he calls Sir.
    5. I

      where to buy cci primers?

      I have seen them at the 1500 Gun and Knife Show. It is coming up at the end of the month
    6. I

      Cabela's At Hamilton Town Center

      Awesome store - much better than Gander Mountain. Much better selection of older firearms as well
    7. I

      keeping wildlife out of a barn?

      I have heard moth balls as well. One thing you might do is set traps to catch them. It is probably the same ones that are invading the area. Then you can relocate all of them and clean everything up.
    8. I

      OC Creeper!

      Let's face it - not everyone that has a license to carry should. I have never been a fan of open carry because it lacks the element of surprise. People are automatically alarmed and alert by the site of it. If he had come to rob the place, you would be the first person he dealt with because...
    9. I

      Head of DNC can't answer; The difference between a Dem and a Socialist...

      It shows you how stupid these people are. It is hilarious and scary at the same time.
    10. I

      Three dead, possible 6 from tainted heroin in Bloomington.

      It is an epidemic all around Indiana. Sad - so sad.
    11. I

      Sig 226 why?

      Remember that this is the choice weapon of navy seals - I would classify them as top instructors. I own an mk25 which is basically a 226 and it is one of the more accurate and reliable weapons I own.. Also- some top instructors are paid by manufactures or get many perks.
    12. I

      Good Guys 2 Bad Guys 0

      Great story. People will think twice about trying to rob them again
    13. I

      Anti -Gun program on PBS

      Frontline is a left wing democrat hotbed - idiots.
    14. I

      Preppers arrested for prepping

      If he was not allowed to legally obtain a firearm he should not have one - plain and simple.
    15. I

      Why Donald Trump is Bad for the Republican Party

      I think Trump is actually paving the way for Jeb Bush which is very smart. If you remember, the Donald and the Bush administration were pretty close and he donated quite a bit to both bush the elder and the son. Look at how far Jeb has climbed in the polls. I think you will see Jeb start...
    16. I

      Educate me on revolver options

      The ruger GP 100 is a great revolver for the money - you can pick one up used for 400 to 450.
    17. I

      Deputy Handcuffs 8-Year Old And Watches Him Cry

      This just shows that the school cannot control an 8 year old kid. They might want to find a new principle versus attacking the officer.
    18. I

      Heroin not a problem in Porter's an epidemic

      It's not just there - it is everywhere. That is one terrible drug. Something needs to be done.
    19. I

      Speeding ticket question for the INGO experts

      Do a pretrial diversion? In Indiana you get one per county. You basically agree to pay a little bit higher fine and it does not go on your record. As long as you do not get caught in the same area again in the next 6 months it is wiped away. Your insurance company will not even know as well.
    20. I

      State reprocity question?

      I agree - if you are legally licensed to carry in one state you should be licensed in all.
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