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    1. IndyColtsFan

      Comp. Electronics Pro Chrono DLX

      Great write-up! I’ll second this being a great chrono. The app also makes a convenient place to store info for load development.
    2. IndyColtsFan

      WTS: PENDING Free Reloading Bench

      PENDING Pick Up Free reloading bench to anybody that wants it. Built heavy. 24” x 40” x 37.75” (LxWxH). Located in Fishers.
    3. IndyColtsFan

      USPSA Range Officer Seminar

      I’m in - depending on timing. Sat out last year, looking to getting back into the sport in ‘22.
    4. IndyColtsFan

      WTS: SOLD Precision Delta .40 180gr

      SOLD Up for sale is 850rds of brass cased Precision Delta 180gr .40 ammo. It is loaded long at 1.180 for use in 2011 style guns. I bought a while back and forgot about it when I sold my 2011. Not looking to get back into .40 for USPSA limited any time soon. How about $160 OBO. Meet in...
    5. IndyColtsFan

      Local USPSA Matches Using Online Payment

      Online payment would prevent people from squadding and potentially taking a spot from others only to no-show. If you can’t make it, transfer your spot to somebody else or the match fee becomes a donation to the club. I believe this is how Coach ran all the matches at Parabellum.
    6. IndyColtsFan

      ACC USPSA - Please Read

      More than happy to help wherever you need it - stages, setup and/or registration. Will need a quick refresher on setting up the match in PractiScore, syncing to all the tablets, etc... but we’ll get there.
    7. IndyColtsFan

      12ga and 20ga Ammo and Crate

      SOLD... Up for sale is 420+/- rounds of various 12ga ammo. Mostly game and bird loads. Few boxes of slugs. Also including 40ish rounds of 20ga loads. Throwing in the ammo crate as well. Cleaning out some things I’ll likely never use. Asking $80 OBO. Make an offer. F2F near...
    8. IndyColtsFan

      DOJ/ATF Issues Letter, Seeks to Make Braced Pistols NFA Items

      I second this. I remember doing this years ago when the comment period was open regarding a potential ban on XM855. Make it easy for people to copy and paste into the comments section.
    9. IndyColtsFan

      Anyone have eyes on small pistol primers?

      I’ve been stopping into places periodically the last couple weeks because I was down to my last 500 SPP (I know, I know, lesson learned). I’ve been able to scoop up 5k at normal retail prices. I typically prefer CCI, but had to settle for Remington and Federal. Beggars can’t be choosers...
    10. IndyColtsFan

      ACC USPSA for Sunday July 26th Registration Open

      Another fun match Larry. Great job as always. If anybody left an insulated bottle at the match, PM me and I’ll make sure you get it back.
    11. IndyColtsFan

      Interesting post on Armslist

      I agree that Armslist isn’t all bad. Just have to listen to your spidey senses. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. I have had several successful sales there and always make it known in the ad that I need to see IN DL and LTCH.
    12. IndyColtsFan

      WTS/WTT: Glock 19 Gen 5

      SOLD Up for trade/sale is a Glock 19 Gen 5. I recently took this in as a trade and am simply not a Glock fan. Gun has been fired, just not by me. I have field stripped and function checked. Everything looks good. Trade Interests (no particular order): Ruger Mk IV 22/45 Lite, Spikes...
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    16. IndyColtsFan

      USPSA at ACC

      I think we’re all disappointed, but understanding considering the current state of things. Here’s to hoping this thing runs its course soon and we can all get back to normalcy. Looking forward to this season. On a positive note, this should give all of us plenty of time to dry fire (or tinker...
    17. IndyColtsFan

      WTS: STI Edge 2011 .40

      Price drop to $1,850
    18. IndyColtsFan

      WTS: STI Edge 2011 .40

      You need a 2011
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