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    1. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Several new laws set to go into effect in Indiana this weekend

      Yeah, as far as I understand this allows minors to be present in alcohol serving zones, but it is ultimately up to the individual businesses and events to set up the rules. A lot of the places around here will not change, either because the quote "bar" area is already cordoned off from the rest...
    2. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Svengoolie tonight

      They said after the movie that the doll's voice was a composite of two voice actors, one being the voice actor for Scooby-Doo.
    3. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Cute Pet Pic thread

      This is Tubby. He's my stepdad's friend's cat. He's bigger than he looks in the photo. The day I saw him, he was underneath that bench while everyone was looking at my stepdad's motorcycle, and, I swear I'm not making this up, that cat belched like a grown ass man.
    4. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Svengoolie tonight

      I still like the third one with the doll. I saw a documentary about horror movies, and they said that the shot the POV scenes of the doll with the camera on a skateboard. Note to self, if I ever get a creepy doll for Christmas, better ditch it in a dumpster somewhere.
    5. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Gen Z’s communication skills or lack thereof

      Cannot say I agree with this. Now I've seen plenty of instances on here where people have acted just as bad as what we accuse of the Left (just about issues more sensitize to conservatives and a Right-leaning world-view), however there are enough cynics and opposing views that prevent this from...
    6. ZurokSlayer7X9

      What's worth dying over?

      When I read about the stories of those who went through genocide or true oppression, and having to deal with things like starvation to injustice by the hands of their own government for decades, going out in a hot minute doesn't sound so bad in comparison.
    7. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Northwest Indiana Gun Owners # 25 good morning all.

      I believe that's the Gary Sinese Foundation (However you spell his name).
    8. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Common Forum Acronyms and Their Meanings

      Message to any mods, feel free to add to the list if you find any relevant entries. I can't edit most of my posts anyways.
    9. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Lost the Ability to Edit Posts After a Few Hours

      While making the "Common Forum Acronyms and Their Meanings" thread in the Break Room, I was regularly amending the OP when I found out more acronyms. I started the thread on Tuesday 9/19/2023 @ 5:56 PM, and lost the ability to edit sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Now it...
    10. ZurokSlayer7X9

      School Me On Physical Fractional Silver / Gold

      That's where I got some of my info. I used to love watching the podcast Fernando and Matt Bracken would do, but I don't believe they do it anymore. Not only that, but Fernando came out against the first amendment in one of his videos, and changed his stance more than a flip flop on the covid...
    11. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Societal Delusion

      I once heard an analogy like this: "If you throw a kitten in a wood chipper, why the hell would you be surprised that a grown cat doesn't come out the other end." In other words, put nonsense in and get nonsense out. If you adhere to a world view of feeling and nonsense rather than truth, you...
    12. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Common Forum Acronyms and Their Meanings

      Hmm, seems that I lost the ability to edit the OP. Edit - 11:23 AM Mod edit Edit - 12:16 AM
    13. ZurokSlayer7X9

      School Me On Physical Fractional Silver / Gold

      I'm not an expert on this, I just pretend to be. Ill give you the same advice some I gave my friends and family that asked similar questions. This is more philosophy rather than the technical in's and out's of the precious metals market. 1. Precious metals are not to generate wealth, they are...
    14. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Anyone Familiar With or Have an Opinion of These?

      I ain't going to complain about that being wrong as it seems to be the closest thing we have to a USAS or AA-12. It is kind of weird I haven't seen ANY on the used market though. Also, the drums are very expensive, but the stick mags are not that unreasonable compared to magazines for some brands.
    15. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Common Forum Acronyms and Their Meanings

      I've added a definition section for INGO specific Jargon and References. I've been updating the list as we go along. Don't know what these mean: TL;DR IANAL
    16. ZurokSlayer7X9

      Common Forum Acronyms and Their Meanings

      Hmm, don't know that one.
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