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    1. Vanderbilt

      Osgood Indiana stillboard shoot followup in the FWIW categorey....the American Legion puts the shoot on, no overall entry fee, sign up starts at noon, they start shooting at one, $5 a card or round, seperate money shoots are a percent of the pot, ie $100 pot is $10, $200 pot is $20, stock shotguns open iron sights, no...
    2. Vanderbilt

      Let's See Those M1 Battle Rifles low# 1903 Springfield, yeah I know, the guns the internet tells you aren't safe to shoot.....
    3. Vanderbilt

      Osgood Indiana stillboard shoot

      ...thanks, yeah, that's the park. Believe the shoot is run by the local American Legion post. So, may try to contact them......good news is I can go to Milhausen and eat afterwards!
    4. Vanderbilt

      Osgood Indiana stillboard shoot

      .....buddy of mine lives down that way......he called me and told me that they are having a shoot at the park at Osgood this coming Saturday....Anyone know anything about this shoot? Type of guns allowed ie, standard shotguns or tricked out purpose built still board guns, distance to target...
    5. Vanderbilt

      Picking up Range Brass a No-No?

      ....I live a few miles from Atterbury....I used to go over to the trap range and collect shotgun hulls....haven't been in a while, they didn't care but that may have changed...that has been a couple years ago....
    6. Vanderbilt

      Who is going to Friendship?

      ....after Tuesday, a lot of the sheep shed vendors are out....went in the spring, the primitive area was sparse as far as vendors....the flea market in town was OK...didn't go up to China Junk Hill (flea market on east end)....sheep sheds and primitive are pretty dead by the second weekend....
    7. Vanderbilt


      ....don't go to yard sales or auctions much anymore, you rarely see guns or related accessories these days.....
    8. Vanderbilt


      ..ha, so Ft Wayne is in southern Indiana now? Guess that makes sense since the southern part of the state is really more northern Kentucky?
    9. Vanderbilt

      Legality of non-matching numbers on a gun

      ....yep, only an issue with older firearms for collectability.....I have a 1901 DA Colt that is a matching #'s pistol, also have a 1905 S&W, honestly have never really bothered to look....both were bought to shoot, next owner can worry about them being collectables....
    10. Vanderbilt

      Dozens of People Arrested During Multiagency Drug Arrests in Central Indiana

      ....what's sad, imagine I've crossed paths with a handful of them at the places I've lived and different jobs I've had in Johnson County over the course of my life...
    11. Vanderbilt

      Pet peeves

      ...yeah, if I have loads for long range matches or round counts, those are neatly packed and marked.....the plastic pickle containers are for plinking or bulk/overruns, I mark them the same as boxed ammo.....funniest one, at an end of year match, we usually have a shortened shoot followed by a...
    12. Vanderbilt

      Pet peeves

      ....boyhowdy, lol, you'd hate going to the range with me or some of my buddies.....don't take it I don't have or use good organized containers but I will also use plastic jugs like dill pickle, parmesan cheese or planters containers occasionally....more than a few guys I shoot with are...
    13. Vanderbilt

      Pet peeves

      ....that's why I bought a separate decapping die......I decap all my brass before I clean them, I reload a lot of my brass with BP. I run most of my brass thru a cheap Harbor Freight sonic cleaner to eliminate issues with powder residue and then media tumble them for cleanliness....for...
    14. Vanderbilt

      Most Violent Cities in America 2023... Indianapolis #12

      ....based on the nightly news, you could say the same thing about Indianapolis....when I was a pup, the Downtown and Westside were the dangerous places, now one isn't even safe in Beech Grove, Southport or even Greenwood, lol....
    15. Vanderbilt

      Most Violent Cities in America 2023... Indianapolis #12

      ....yes, it's based on murders per "100K", this is covered on a YT video.....unless one is completely naive, newly every city or town of some size will have an area(s) that could be considered unsafe? Cities like New York, Chicago, Houston et al are easy targets for blame because they're large...
    16. Vanderbilt

      Most Violent Cities in America 2023... Indianapolis #12 a youth that grew up in the sticks during the 50's-60's...the Indianapolis of the 70's-80's was a fun place to work, run around and live, many of the places of my memory are now the subject of murders, robbery and every other issue one can conjure up. I now live far from...
    17. Vanderbilt

      Person Shot on I-65 near Southport Road seems typical now, to drive in the left lane, catch up to someone and speed match them or go just fast/slow enough to prevent the rest of the traffic to flow.....not to mention drivers that will wait and literally look you in the eye, then pull out in front of you! shortage of...
    18. Vanderbilt

      Anybody bought a gun in 2023?

      ....yeah, 1905 S&W in .38 spl....a DA backup to my 1901 Colt, which had been a less than reliable match pistol.....the 1901 has been rebuilt.....
    19. Vanderbilt

      Marion County Fish and Game (MCFG)

      ....yessir.....Tim and I did a lot of reenactments together, in addition to a few late nites closing down buffets, Cracker Barrels and such......occasionally, I'd come up and shoot....wife still talks to his wife and we get together and have dinner.....he was a good friend.....
    20. Vanderbilt

      Old shotguns with polychokes....

      ....well an update of sorts, one of my buddies in our NCOWS group that dabbles in repairing some of our vintage firearms.....was intrigued with this idea and took the gun and choke to a fellow gunsmith he consults with and is looking at tackling this....may have have something to try at the...
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