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      6.5 Creedmoor: is it just a fad, or is it here to stay?

      I don't think any modern caliber should be expected to last forever, but as we see from 22lr, 9mm, 38 Spl, and 7.62x54R, some can last a heck of a long time. 5.7x28 has a specific niche which it somewhat shares with 7.62 Tokarev. Handguns, being more practical for everyday life than precision...
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      WTS: SOLD.40 S&W, 790 rnds 250$

      SOLD I have assorted .40 cal ammunition, some new in box, and others loose. 200 Rnds Federal 125 Gr Frangible. 50 CPR 20 Rnds Hornady Vector daylight tracers. $40 for the box 80 Rnds Hollowpoint. 20 of which are PMC starfire, the rest starline brass, uncertain manufacturer, 50 CPR 200 Rnds...
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      Stealth arms platypus

      I don't care to have a glock, but enough PCCs use glock mags, having a nice pistol which is compatible would be nice. Obligatory photo share.
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      Ever Bought A Gun Just For Laughs?

      I feel like that when you take it out at the range. you only have a 16 inch long pistol if you are, erm... you know the rest.
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      Sig only carry till 3/31/2024!

      I have been carrying sigs exclusively for a decent while now. The good sigs though, with a hammer. The P229 is an incredible piece and very reliable. When you have the option of teutonic perfection with a double single trigger, how could I carry any of my lesser guns?
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      Air rifle for squirrels

      I have used a ruger .177 on squirrels, starlings, and successfully on a raccoon. The raccoon wasn't a clean kill, but i was in city limits, and didn't want to try my luck with an arrow when the raccoons were menacing my cats. I threw a few pellets into it, and it ran and hid in dense brush. Went...
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      WTS: Glock 27 Gen 3

      SOLD Glock 27 Gen 3, Great condition in original tupperware and 7 mags for .40 3 9 rnd, 1 11 rnd, 2 15 rnd, and 1 22 rnd. All OEM, but some have aftermarket baseplates. Selling for an older friend who is not firm enough to shoot .40 $450 or trade of similar value, Interests include any compact...
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      Ever Bought A Gun Just For Laughs?

      I did buy one. It is hilarious, then I got over it. Now adding a stock, since it is over 16 inches long, and turning it into a first gun for my daughter. Single action 22 a good thing to learn on.
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      What does everyone carry

      I have been carrying a Leatherman supertool 200 I have had for a decade, Kershaw Blur, a rechargable penlight, Car and work keys, two parker pens, and a P229.
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      THE CZickness L....Celebrating 50 threads with CZs, gunsmoke and serious discussion....

      Im new here, what is a wizard trigger?
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      THE CZickness L....Celebrating 50 threads with CZs, gunsmoke and serious discussion....

      I just recently got my first CZ. 75D compact, with a 5 digit serial number. F13XX. Is it compatible with a cajun trigger job? what can I do with it besides putting on thinner and newer grips, and enjoying the flat shooting awesomeness, if subpar trigger and odd sights?
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      WTS/WTT: REMOVED Heritage arms 16" barrel 22LR

      DECIDED TO KEEP Heritage arms 22LR revolver excellent shape North Indy, Meridian hills area $150, similar value in 9mm or 22lr, or trade + cash for CZ75 mags, g17 slide, 2 stage AR triggers, or bolt action 22lr rifles
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      Texas law to try here?

      Any individual has a corpus. A legal entity is a corporation, which is a legal structure which enables a group to be a legal entity able to take action. The government also has the power to steal your property over a failure to pay taxes and auction it.
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      Texas law to try here?

      I would be a big fan of defunding state schools as well. Leave more money in peoples pockets to let them educate their own children. With Kahn Academy and the like, any driven parent with patience can ensure their child has an education at least equal to the swill they get in public schools...
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      WEF says animals are fine for sex

      They are doing their best to disincentivize actual human relationships. Anyone who thinks an animal can be an equal to a spouse is doing marriage wrong, but cats definitely talk back less.
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      Texas law to try here?

      There is a law recently introduced in texas to reduce property taxes for married couples, and further reducing it for those who have multiple children. While I don't have enough children to benefit from this, (yet) it seems like a relativly cheap way for the state to support those who are...
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      OSUT #242 - A day without laughter is a day wasted

      Selling anything you have held onto for a long time can be very hard. Doesn't matter how useless it is, but I have pairs of boots that would cost more than new to make usable, but gosh darn it, I put good miles on them, and they won't be just thrown away.
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      The Gun Control Propaganda That's Working... on Gun Owners

      The way to improve on this is to have better family laws. Strong tax breaks for parents who live in the same home. Keep people who are taking care of their family from going to jails for non violent crimes. Keep kids with families, and keep families together. Also stop CPS from persecuting good...
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