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    1. lon

      Best place to buy a Dillon ?

      He kinda acted like he didnt give a ****...:dunno:
    2. lon

      Gunsite in Indiana

      Link states: Ammunition: 1000 rounds ball ammo 50 rounds pistol -Still dosnt sound like a lot for 3 days.
    3. lon

      Where do you see people "OC" the most.

      Ahhh,yes...the diplomats of Open Carry.:):
    4. lon

      Indiana Constitutional Carry 2017

      That's the bottom line.
    5. lon

      A noob to reloading

    6. lon

      A noob to reloading

      This is the way to go - and maybe a RCBS hand primer next
    7. lon

      loose primer pockets?

      Somebody needs to rep 17 squirrel for catching that. :)
    8. lon

      How hot is too hot?

      Stay on topic damit:xmad: Like this: Unfortunately thats all I'll ever have the opportunity give to give her is a handload. :abused:
    9. lon

      Indy Fuel Hockey Games

      Old Time Hockey!! :abused:
    10. lon

      Phil seen his shadow

      This guy gets it ;)
    11. lon

      Bernard Goetz: 30 Years Ago Today

      "You don’t look so bad, here’s another.”
    12. lon

      Beautiful Women Packing Heat...

      Tough crowd :rolleyes:
    13. lon

      Winchester "W Train & Defend"

      Wonder why no 45ACP? Overpenetration = innocent bystander carnage maybe....??? :)
    14. lon

      City prepares for NRA convention as police-action shootings rise

      I think those folks are cutting her a little short...I think they would describe her as a "simpleton mom" , if they had read any of her articles.
    15. lon

      Powder spotted...

      Yes, I did. Didn't chat long, but She seemed like a very nice young Lady. I'm pretty sure she was just being on her best behavior at work though :):
    16. lon

      Shooting the M1866 Chassepot needle-fire rifle

      Very neat. I never realized some paper cartridges have caps embedded.
    17. lon

      Powder spotted...

      Good place. I was in there a week ago and was impressed with the amount of all types of components in stock.
    18. lon


      Nice throw. You are wise to buy good equipment.
    19. lon

      Man attacked at Taco Bell for belching

      Right. Would have to be there...could go either way:dunno:
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