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      WTB: Stock for Marlin 336

      Looking for a stock for a marlin 336 30/30. Would even be interested in one needing slight repair. Trying to set up a youth rifle. Thanks
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      Reload inquiry 30-06, 35 whelen

      I too am a fan of the 35 Whelen. Converting new unfired 30-06 brass to 35 meant simply running the expander ball through the neck and load. The cases tend to shorten when going up in caliber but may need squared up. I did have a 35 Whelen improved that caused some headaches but that was due to...
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      WTB: Powder scale

      Looking to find a powder scale for reloading. Trying to set up a secondary system, so other small items as well. Thanks
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      WTB: Herters shell holders

      Looking to buy shell holders that fit an old Herter's model 0-3 press. Wanting multiple calibers. Thanks
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      Herter's shell holders

      I have an old Herter's Mod 0-3 Super single stage press the holders are caliber specific and use set screws to hold in place. The one that's in it works for 30-06 and the priming arm works for it. I'd really like to find the shell holders for 44mag/45 colt, 38 special, 30/30, 45/70. I have an...
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      WTB: WTB 8MM Mauser sporter

    7. F

      WTB: WTB 8MM Mauser sporter

      Looking to find a 98 Mauser that has been sporterized. Prefer 8mm but others considered. Thanks
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      WTB: 44 magnum rifle

    9. F

      WTB: REM. 742 BOLT FOR 30-06

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      WTB: REM. 742 BOLT FOR 30-06

    11. F

      WTB: REM. 742 BOLT FOR 30-06

      Have a buddy with a Remington 742 semi auto in 30-06 and the breech bolt face has a chip and wont extract. Would like to find replacement. Thanks
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      WTB: 44 magnum rifle

      Would like to find a Ruger m77/44 or Ruger 44 auto loader. Possible trade or purchase straight out. Thanks
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