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    1. sliptap

      Reassembling Bersa thunder 380

      Agree that if the slide is on now and it moves freely, then I doubt there are any issues. I own a Makarov which is a 380 blow back and disassembles just like the Bersa Thunder. When reassembling, you have to make sure the slide is pulled alllll the way back. If it isn't back all the way, it can...
    2. sliptap

      S&W M&P Shield 9 Plus Guide Rod Damage

      This has been my experience with every semi-auto that I've owned. If the guide-rod/recoil spring assembly wasn't installed properly, then I am not able to reassembly the pistol. I would assume this is a S&W quality issue but sounds like they are taking care of you OP.
    3. sliptap

      Letters from our elected officials.

      I think it's odd that many of these letters directly reference existing bills but none of the congressmen directly voice their support of/opposition to the bills. Is there a specific reason other than they want to remain noncommittal? For example, re-read this paragraph from Todd Young: It's...
    4. sliptap

      9mm revolvers

      I have a Taurus 692 which has the ability to switch cylinders between 38/357 and 9mm. I was mostly drawn to the 3" barrel and 7 shot capacity but the 9mm compatibility is a nice bonus. I honestly don't shoot the 9mm that often for range/plinking. The moon clips are a pain to load/unload and the...
    5. sliptap

      Taurus GX4

      I think it's worth mentioning that Sig, Smith, and Glock have each had their own issues. Sig had the P365 striker debacle, P320 drop safe issues, etc. Glock had issues with Glock 42 and Glock 44 at launch. Smith is currently recalling their Shield EZ line and previously recalled the M&P Shield...
    6. sliptap

      Taurus GX4

      I purchased a Springfield Hellcat and Taurus GX4 last month. My father and I took them out and put about 200 rounds through each. They are nearly identical in size (~0.1 inch delta in all dimensions). I was able to get a better grip on the Taurus and it felt better in my hands. The trigger is...
    7. sliptap

      Constitutional Carry signed by the Guv.

      Is the inverse also true? For example, would someone from Ohio still need a Ohio permit to carry in Indiana? I would assume yes but figured it was worth asking.
    8. sliptap

      Chinese Norinco Tokarev Type 54 any good?

      Two honest/curious questions: how would one carry a Tokarev if there is no safety? And is the gun "drop safe" without the safety? Seems like a good learning opportunity for me. I've always been curious how others carry these SAO pistols, especially if they don't have safeties.
    9. sliptap

      Advice on a Price (Charter Arms Undercover DAO)

      Here is a website I like to use to spot check prices: . That should show most online retailers for various the "show all X offers" button to see each retailer for that specific model. ~$300 seems...
    10. sliptap

      WTS: SOLD _ Sig Sauer P365 - Northside Indy

      SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello - for sale is my Sig P365 and I am the original owner. It is in working condition with about 200 rounds through it (all standard pressure). It does have night sights. It has normal, minor barrel wear (see pic) but otherwise good shape. It will include 2 - 10...
    11. sliptap

      9mm recommendation for Daughter

      I would make sure that your SO's test fire anything before purchasing. My wife consistently had failures with my Glock 43 but not with a Kahr CM9/CW9. For me, the Glock 43 had bullet proof reliability. We all have different grips and for some reason her's didn't agree with the Glock...
    12. sliptap

      New Savage Stance Micro-Compact Handgun

      Isn't rim locking an issue with 32 acp?
    13. sliptap

      New York State rifle SCOTUS case granted certiorari

      Agreed. It's like he doesn't know that there's millions of people who carry every day and nothing happens. On the contrary, one could argue Chicago is a city in chaos with gun violence but has really restrictive gun laws. His comment makes no logical sense at all in context of the real world for...
    14. sliptap

      Taurus new model? 5 19 21

      I'm going to call BS on that one lol.
    15. sliptap

      HB 1369 constitutional carry bill introduced for Indiana

      Good feedback, thank you! Is there any way for us to ever know how each individual Senator responded? I hate that we have no idea on whether individual senators supported this bill or not.
    16. sliptap

      HB 1369 constitutional carry bill introduced for Indiana

      Got it - thank you! Wasn't sure if it was just Bray/Brown or others that I was missing.
    17. sliptap

      HB 1369 constitutional carry bill introduced for Indiana

      I am super disappointed to read through that this bill is dead. Did anyone compile a list of the Republican senators that caused this to fail? Want to keep this in mind when voting next time around.
    18. sliptap

      Would you shoot it?

      I'll shoot it for you if you provide the ammo :) Cheers and enjoy your 1911!
    19. sliptap

      Kahr cw380

      No - something seems off if you are able to move the slide freely for the first bit of travel. On every Kahr I've owned, the springs have been excessively tight (thus part of the 200 round break end period). My used P380 that I had was no exception. Maybe a dumb question but do you have both...
    20. sliptap

      Taurus Millennium PT111 Current Market Price

      I agree with what d.kaufman found. If I was in the market, I would expect $320 new out the door, so I wouldn't pay much more than $250 used today. This is ofcourse in current pricing and would pay less for used if less demand/more supply.
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