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    1. Duce


      Remember the crown can be touched up. I had a 7X57 Mauser that the barrel was lightly pitted the full length, looked like water marks. Shot well but was a bear to clean. Mosin are notorious for dark pitted bores that often shoot well.<><Duce
    2. Duce

      Ingo lower 2023 builds

      Just finished a 350 Legend. Used a right hand charging handle upper from Bear Creek. If you're mounting a scope, it makes opening the bolt easy. Depends on weather you're hunting or tactical. Good luck<><Duce
    3. Duce

      30 BLK OUT/350 LEGEND

      I've read the 350 Legend, in an AR, needs a prioritize magazine. In my search for one I've found there are magazines specifically for 300 Blk Out. I always thought a standard 5.56 would work. Thoughts? <><Duce
    4. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Haven't seen them for a long while, don't really know?<><Duce
    5. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Now the 350 is finished. Showed it to my long time hinting partners. Upon inspection, one offerd an opinion. Over the years we've had sons, nephews, and a few others, out on their first deer hunts. Many with my old 336 in 30-30. No serious problems, but a few times there was confusion about...
    6. Duce

      Tipton Gun Show 4/1 and 4/2/23

      Tipton always been worth it if only for the cornbread and beans. Suports local 4H. Notice gas prices today, 31st. <><Duce
    7. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Notice something, the barrel I got from Bear Creek is dimpled directly below the gas port. Makes mounting a gas block easy.<><Duce
    8. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      I looked at BCA and picked up a barrel 18" and a rgt hand upper with BCG. I'm getting into this building thing, just a few more parts. I love my leverguns and my boltguns. ARs are starting to grow on me, never thought a semi auto could be that consistently accurate, I have owned about half a...
    9. Duce

      Sourcing black powder?

      If you shoot muzzle loaders its worth going to Friendship during the National. I used to go to the spring shoot. By parts for the next project and buy powder. It's been twenty years since I went. Don't know how they do it now but, then they limited you to ten pounds of powder. So drove home with...
    10. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

    11. Duce

      Looking for guidance from AR rifle hunters (ammunition)

      Food for thought. While 300 BLKOUT is legal on private ground, 350 Legend is legal on public lands in Indiana. Making it a little versatile. <><Duce
    12. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Got the .300 BLKOUT finished. Now onwards to the .350 legend. Any thoughts on barrel length, upper style. Thinking of using a right side charging handle upper, pros vs cons. Not worried about being tactical. Never had a deer charge me yet, nearly had 4 does run over me being chased by a pack of...
    13. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      AR-15 Big boy's Erector Set/Tinker Toy. There's a world of info out there, just read. I was worried about the headspace. I've talked to several builders, to the man they said they've never had any problems, with quality parts. I've taken game with muzzle loaders I built, kit and from scratch...
    14. Duce

      Surface rust and cleaning help

      I've used several methods in the past. One used Ballistol and a stainless steel pot scrubber. Used it on several firearm that had been left in the damp. Light rust large area, lightly scrub it keeping scrubber saturated with oil. On crevices and tight place, a brass brush, like a toothbrush...
    15. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Update: Picked up a 300 blkout barrel from Br8818. Pick up a stripped upper, a BCG, a few other parts. Find my 30" pipe wrench and a crescent wrench........ Nothing like shooting something built your self.<><Duce
    16. Duce

      Marlin Future and Coming Releases

      Here's a thought. For as long as Ruger has been around, I've loved the handling, looks, and designed. Not so much the accuracy.Take a 77 outta box same with a Savage 110. Get quality, off the self ammo, do your best bench techniques. Betcha dollars to donuts that the 110 comes out on top, not...
    17. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Looks likes stocks them, plus cmmg produces them. Really not going to pony up the dough to buy a suppressor. Looking to replace my 30/30 truck rifle. After having a love/hate affair with AR's, getting kinda fond of M4 carbine platform. Might start gripping the front magwell...
    18. Duce

      Any members with an early post 64 Winchester model 70? I have a question???

      You sir have a broken gun. Is the trigger real light and crisp? Someone may have been into the trigger and bubbled it up. Have a qualified gun smith check it out. No gun should basically fire when safety is taken off. The early 70's had a simple and durable, 2 lever trigger. The safety is in the...
    19. Duce

      M4 300BLKOUT UPPER

      Does anyone make a 300 Black Out upper in a M4 configuration. I don't want gimmicks, rainbow colors, the latest, greatest fad. Just need a truck, direct impingement, flat top upper, with mil-spec frt sight/gas block, and forearm. I know it's old school, out of date and all, but that suits me...
    20. Duce

      Why does everyone love the Remington 870 so much?

      Next question, which is better? Browning A5, Savage 720, Remington model 11?
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