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      Svengoolie tonight

      I'm not local at all, but curious to know more about what you posted. Where would one view this program of which you speak?
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      Case Lube

      I recently had to send a die back to Lyman as the finish inside the die was not as smooth as it should have been, and the die 'liked' to stick cases. Occasionally had to use the 5/16" tap to remove a .223 case because the 1/4" one would strip threads out when applying the pull. Heard a lot of...
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      I may not agree with some of the decisions that Lincoln made, but I understand why he made those choices. Either way, we wouldn't be the Country that we are now if history had gone differently. Or maybe not, just different oligarchs running things than those that do now.
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      Marlin anyone? Except for Ruger, most US gun brands are mostly all marketing fronts. The heritage gun industry names are pretty much only history now IMO. Sad that.
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      Help with RCBS primer pocket tool!

      On the older ('04) RCBS swage kit that I have, the treading on the rod is 1/4-28. I wonder if somehow injb got the wrong nut on that spindle. Ordinary flat sided nuts is what BCBS uses anymore, though sometimes in obscure-ish thread sizes like 12-28. try a 1/4-28 nut on the spindle threads and...
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      6.5 grendel brass

      Shooters Pro Shop (online) currently has new Nosler 6.5 Grendle brass @ $40 for 50 pieces. Not cheap, but available and not terrible expensive, considering.
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      Good deal on PMC X-TAC, Aim Surplus

      Didn't realize, thank you. Will do next time.
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      Good deal on PMC X-TAC, Aim Surplus

      On sale right now. Almost pre ammo crisis price.
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      Feral cat relocation

      Here is that video about shooting feral cats in Australia. Want a cat skin beer cozy?
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      Smith and Wesson Model 10-8 .38 Special Cartridge

      The one I have, the grip is not comfortable. Were there different sizes of factory wood 'shoes' for these beauties? Also, how do you find one you'll like (aftermarket?) without buying and returning and or shelving ones that don't make the 'cut'? Thanks for any suggestions on this issue, and...
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      Another use for bad brass

      I've seen the bottle openers made from .50BMG brass. Thinking that different sizes collected and hung might make for an interesting wind chime, if perhaps not sweetly sonorous.
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      Huh? California sheriff raids Indiana business with warrant? Batmobile?

      Pretty sure he would lose by default if he didn't appear, or more likely, an arrest warrant could be issued by the California Court in the Criminal matter. They're trying to do this the courteous way, but there's always the hard way if he doesn't comply. IANAL though, far from it.
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      Belgorod and the nuclear powered 2M39

      We were much better off with the good old Mutual Assured Destruction, at least that would have been relatively quick. We outspend the Russians (and everyone else put together) and we get barely operational F-35s. The Littoral ship experiment seems to have failed. The Russians don't have...
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      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Yeah, I've watched a bunch of episodes. Pretty good show, but it just reminds me of how many skills I don't have a good handle on. Could be motivational for younger guys looking for inspiration and motivation to move forward with hand craft trades. Also, they can get and use things that are...
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      380 Bullets in 38 Special Makeshift Berry’s Backwards Handload

      As for the inadequate bullet tension with Remington brass, did you consider using a 380 ACP die for the case mouth, or even a 9mm size die? Lacking that I would try a taper crimp die for .38 / .357 as a back up (or even first) plan. Thanks for the write up, good to be aware of this!
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      Is this ammo corrosive?

      Yes, Yugoslavian ammo. The 11 numbered product was made by Privi Partizan factory, and the 12 numbered ammo is made by the Igman Zavod factory. For sure corrosive.
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      I have a question. Are AR-15 7.62x39mm barrels bored to .308 or .310?

      I am no kind of expert at all, but my guess would be that the barrels are chambered / throated in such a way as to allow for either diameter to be used safely. Might not be a bad idea to send the question to Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. or maybe even Palmetto State Armory and ask them the...
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      Two Truth Social Execs Quit

      Maybe 'Truth' doesn't sell. At least not this version of 'truth', seems 'the market' is deciding that there just isn't enough content and or traffic to attract the ad revenue, that is the truth that counts in 'media' business.
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      NPR Lies, Doesn’t Care When Caught…

      I wasn't complaining, I could get those services. Do you believe there is any such thing as news without bias or viewpoint? All stations are selling eyeballs and ears to the sponsors or advertisers. NPR does it much less than most. You don't mind paying for subscription programs, I don't mind...
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      NPR Lies, Doesn’t Care When Caught…

      Actually no, because I don't take notes and write reports or what because I don't have an 'agenda' that needs to be defended or justified. Yup, California doesn't have a lot of historical baggage, well except for the enslavement of the Native Americans by the Church and others. I was born...
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