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    1. sheepdog697

      Lpvo or red dot/magnifier?

      LPVO for sure. Arken has a new 1-8 id look at if your trying to make it budget minded. Also, Hard pass on a binary trigger in a recce (anything honestly). Aside from a range toy I don't think they serve a purpose.
    2. sheepdog697

      Finally picked up a Staccato

      Sorry! Ha it's the full rail that gets me... so clean
    3. sheepdog697

      Finally picked up a Staccato

      That's slick I'd like an xc or a 2019 p next
    4. sheepdog697

      What drills did you run this week and how did you do?

      Shot the Modern Samurai Project Standards, and some point 1 tactics. Really want to try for the MSP black belt patch at some point next year.
    5. sheepdog697

      The new G**** 47 is coming

    6. sheepdog697

      Alchemy 1911 - Custom Combat Limited

      I don't own one, but I would love to snag one.
    7. sheepdog697

      BUL Armory Glock Clone

      No, but bul armory has a good reputation in the 2011 market. That gun looks SOLID
    8. sheepdog697

      Finally picked up a Staccato

      You can send it to elusive on 1911addicts. He did my c2 in the picture above. Prices are pretty good and i prefer the feeling of it to the tac. Its actually a c2 with a P grip.
    9. sheepdog697

      Finally picked up a Staccato

      Staccato Facebook group is pretty solid. There's a couple buy/sell/trades in there with staccatos and related gear. They get away with it using "code" words. Pm me your name on Facebook and I can throw you an invite if your interested.
    10. sheepdog697

      Finally picked up a Staccato

      Also, if you're like me and want to load a ton of mags and go to the range and just shoot, the triarcs are the only other option besides atlas id trust. Affordable, and they run great. I would NOT run prodigy mags in the staccatos. I have (1) 20 rounder and it's kind of junk. It's fine for the...
    11. sheepdog697


      Same with me. I wanted one, then they fumbled the release. Then when it was out (no optic cut...REALLY?!), and I couldn't even find one in stock. That being said I'm sure it's a great gun. 2011 top with cz bottom. Magazines alone is a bonus. Staccato mags are salty. I like going to the range...
    12. sheepdog697

      Finally picked up a Staccato

      Congrats!!! 100% agree. I had a prodigy and it wasn't bad at all for the price but I bought a p and it was better all around. Sold sold some of my old guns collecting dust ended up grabbing a c2 as well and I absolutely love them... Highly recommend the triarc extended magazine release. Need to...
    13. sheepdog697

      Case Trimmers

      This is what I have. Works very well
    14. sheepdog697

      77gr smk loads.

      Very interesting. The accuracy I get out of the 77gr smk would be hard to beat. Atleast with varget it’s been great
    15. sheepdog697


      Magnetospeed v3 here. Love it
    16. sheepdog697

      77gr smk loads.

      This is news to me as well…
    17. sheepdog697

      77gr smk loads.

      Anyone else loading these 77gr smk (no cannelure) I’ve got a very accurate load with a 16” wylde chamber JP rifles. 24.0gr varget/2.255 coal/ cci400 Seems a little slow though imo. 2590 avg. What powders, barrels, velocities are you all seeing? Thanks in advance.
    18. sheepdog697

      Monstrum Optics…any good?

      Cheapest optics ill use are arken.
    19. sheepdog697

      WTS: Staccato DUO optic plates

      WTS staccato duo optic plates $125 shipped each RMR/SRO Jpoint/romeo zero/shield Rmrcc
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