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      Modern American Life

      38 years, toughest job I ever had...also most rewarding..
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      The best advice you were ever given.

      When you find yourself in a hole quit diggin.
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      Bald Eagles

      Have a couple nesting pairs near me in DeKalb county, A few sighted near my wife's lake place on Hamilton Lake.
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      You know you live in a small town in the midwest when...

      Went on a long weekend trip with friends over New year's ( Thurs to Mon) . Got in late Monday,took Tuesday off from work to catch up. Stopped at p.o. box and got mail. Had a package ,they leave a key to a "locker" in lobby,no postmaster for half the day. So grab my package(chocolate covered...
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      What are your trade consideration's for the Remington 1903a4 ? I am interested in the rifle...

      What are your trade consideration's for the Remington 1903a4 ? I am interested in the rifle ,just want to verify that it is in correct serial number block. Pm me or call or text Randy Miller 260-868-2223
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      Spike in overdoses

      CHINA CHINA CHINA. It's a payback for the opium wars. They remember. It also weakens us as a nation at a personal level. It breaks the family unit and the social fabric of the community. Overload the medical system.Had a discussion with a Ft. Wayne fire captain about junkie calls and the time...
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      Name an album with nothing but great songs on it.

      Wow, Just about every album listed is amazing ,even norah Jones is listed.. John Hiatt is the only one I am not familiar with. Nugent ,Boston .., my youth wasted in album side after album side....
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      WTB: sig p6

      Looking for a sig p6 let me know how much you need or to trade ,what you are looking for. Thanks in advance.
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      Garand barrel swap

      Who is the garand go to guy to swap out a barrel? Late 44 receiver and trigger group,63 barrel . The accuracy is less than good. Thought I would start with barrel swap. North east Indiana preferred. Thanks in advance. Randy
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      Indiana limestone

      Do any ingoers know of a source for limestone slab "seconds" I want do a little landscape project ,the only limestone around here is gravel.... I have tried to source some building salvage but not much luck. Thanks in advance.
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      Bucket List Gun/Caliber

      Full auto Thompson M1d garand 1903a4 I have bought sold and traded to get everything else I have wanted. Shot them ,traded to get the next one. These were the only ones I have not been able to get......yet. They will be keepers . If only the lottery will pull my numbers..
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      Best movie !?

      Blues Brothers Secondhand Lions Casablanca 2001 The Thin Man (any of them) The Manchurian Candidate
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      Body armor or plates

      Not sure if it's in the right place,feel free to move to correct area. Where in Indiana can you purchase plates for a carrier or body armor. Would like to stay northern Indiana . Would like to give a local shop my business. Thanks in advance..
    14. R

      WTS: Mini-14 20 round mags

      Where are you located ? Pm me on trade values on ammo please. Thanks
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      The White Whale

      Mine is an M1D garand ,in cmp box with paper work. I am sure they exist, in a closet or in the back of someone's safe.
    16. R

      colt 6951 9mm ar

      I was wondering if colt front site bases are drilled for gas port ? The gun is recoil operated so it doesn't need gas tube . Did they just put a standard site base on ?
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      Ancestry, Family reunions, Genealogy, and Roots..Let's share.....

      Looked up my family tree once,all I seen were nuts and fruits. I quit looking after that.
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      almost full moon and lightning

      Setting on my front porch lightning to the south and to the east. Clear sky and 96 % full moon overhead 67 degrees .Turkey gobble in the distance. I love spring. Winter will not let go fast enough.
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      hill side mowing

      The Steiner suggestion is an expensive ,but effective way to do this. I talked to 'the guy' at the local mower shop. He said whatever you get make sure the engine has oil pump to lubricate not a slinger . Lack of oil is hard on the inside of an engine. Who would have guessed that? He also...
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      hill side mowing

      What mowers do INGO use to mow hills with. My wife bought a property last fall that has a fairly steep hill on the back side . 10 or 12 degrees I believe. Looking for input . I wanted to get several goats and length of chain and do it 'green' mow and fertilize at the same time in a carbon...
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