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    1. dustinfz6r

      WTS: 2008 Suzuki M109R2 $8,000 Pendleton, IN

      Sold I have a beautiful 2008 Suzuki M109R2 for sale with only 5500 miles. This bike has barely been ridden (less than 700 per year) and many of these bikes will run for 50K+ miles (How many miles do you have on your M109R?). I have owned the bike for 2 years this May and I've loved every...
    2. dustinfz6r

      US Gov sues L3 (EOTech) for fraud

      Got mine today as well!
    3. dustinfz6r

      US Gov sues L3 (EOTech) for fraud

      The request refund page is what you filled out online. Once you fill it out I believe it says to print a copy to send along with the unit.
    4. dustinfz6r

      WTB: Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm

      Looking for a gently used shield for my wife to carry. Located Indy East side or Anderson.
    5. dustinfz6r

      WTS: Magpul goodies and stuff.

      Is the stock mil-spec or commercial?
    6. dustinfz6r

      Anybody know about what just went down near 30th and MLK?

      Maybe it was that police impersonator that has been going around...
    7. dustinfz6r

      Rural King sale on a Sig Sauer.

      Already posted.
    8. dustinfz6r

      What if you held an anti-gun rally and no one showed up?

      Like she really needed that megaphone....
    9. dustinfz6r

      Concealed carrier disarmed by Coral Gables police

      Believe me I don't agree with how this was handled but, would the fact that he was in a school zone have any bearing on how the LEO handled this situation?
    10. dustinfz6r

      New Indianapolis Gun Range

      Any updates on this place?
    11. dustinfz6r

      Terrifying! You can build an AR from e-bay! (purple implied)

      Wow, What an idiot.... Read the comments they are blasting her, so funny.
    12. dustinfz6r

      Extreme Tactical Adventures 4U (Paintball/Laser Tag)

      Has anybody seen this new place they are putting in the Washington Square mall in Indy? It's kind of hard to tell what exactly they will have inside because most of it is behind that big white wall, but there seems to be a couple of framed up house cutouts inside. There was a sign out front...
    13. dustinfz6r

      smith and wesson shield 9mm $330

      How many people do you need and where is the shop located?
    14. dustinfz6r

      Any SIG 290RS owners... opinions?

      I have one as well, with about a hundred rounds down it and I've never experienced any issues with it. If you have never shot a Sig, the trigger may take some getting use to but it's a great little gun.
    15. dustinfz6r

      Rental Car 140 MPH

      Ouch, I'd be sick if I had to pay a $1900 fine for speeding.
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