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    Bipod for Ruger Ranch

    I recently picked up 223/556. I would like get a bipod for it , any suggestions? Thanks
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    Manchin needs your help

    NBC affilate in WV has a poll on UBC West Virginia, Ohio & Kentucky | News Weather Sports | WSAZ We are losing!
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    If before the election

    If the tragedy at Newton had happened before the election, would the Liberals have the exact same stand? Would we have a different Washington now?
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    Second Amendment Foundation

    Second Amendment Foundation Online Looks like this group gets things done.
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    Alamo Ammo

    Must be misprint 22 Federal 525 bulk $249?
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    NBC Nightly News

    Did I just hear Chuck Todd say that Obama is using the death of those babies in Newton for political gain?
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    SA 1911 9mm

    Anyone here own a Springfield Armory 1911 A1 in 9mm? LGS had one come in today , unfortunately I was standing in front of the case when he started to put it out. I have a Range Officer which I love and would like to have this 9mm. It has adjustable sights and the trigger feels just like the RO...
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    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for we welcoming to your community. I am a Buckeye, but my granddaughter was born in Ft. Wayne and I have a lot of customers and friends in the Hoosier state.
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