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    1. HKFaninCarmel

      2023 Legislative Session Thread

      Not good...
    2. HKFaninCarmel

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      Rebel Arms (no longer exists) used to make a sweet AK. I like it. I think the owner got busted evading a DUI and the place went under and bailed on the last batch of orders. Fortunately, I got mine juuust in time.
    3. HKFaninCarmel


      I got a 410 that I’m no longer comfortable shooting for safety reasons. If a buyback came around here…
    4. HKFaninCarmel

      WTS: M1 Garand 30-06 - Sold

      M1 Garand. Prefer to meet face to face in Carmel area by 31 or 465 . Let me know if you have specific questions. The excerpt below would be accurate for this M1. Good condition as photographed. "The 7,008,000 serial number rifle you mentioned is a commercial-production M1 receiver that was...
    5. HKFaninCarmel

      WTS: Colt Python w/box 6” 1977 -Sold

      SOLD- For Sale- Colt Python in box. 6” , 1977, wood grips, good condition overall. Two dents as photographed in the grips. Cylinder has a minor turn line. Forcing cone looks Good. Box edges are included, but not attached. Prefer to meet off 465 or 31 in Carmel area. $2400 OBO
    6. HKFaninCarmel

      New BATF ruling on stabilizing braces today

      Lots of pistols for sale in the local classifieds...
    7. HKFaninCarmel

      New BATF ruling on stabilizing braces today

      Any court filings made against this yet?
    8. HKFaninCarmel

      DeSantis 2024?

      I don't see a better option with a better record of success than DeSantis. His ability to take on the press and speak to his results is second to none.
    9. HKFaninCarmel

      Springfield Rifle Question- M1

      Hello Group- I’m proficient on several categories of weapons, but completely ignorant on older rifles. Especially military rifles. I happen to have this Springfield Armory .30 M1 Rifle. Can someone tell me more about what I have here who is knowledgeable on it? I’m debating keeping it and...
    10. HKFaninCarmel

      Shipping ammunition

      Yesterday, I went to UPS to sell a gun that I sold on gunbroker. UPS previously allowed it, but only at the distribution center. The retail stores couldn’t do it. I was told they couldn’t process it at the counter, similar to the post above. Now, FedEx, UPS, and USPS are all off the table...
    11. HKFaninCarmel

      WTS: SOLD- Colt Python 4" & Colt Diamondback 22LR 6"

      Reducing the Diamondback to $2000 OBO
    12. HKFaninCarmel

      WTS: SOLD- Colt Python 4" & Colt Diamondback 22LR 6"

      Colt Diamondback is 1981 production.
    13. HKFaninCarmel

      WTS: SOLD- Colt Python 4" & Colt Diamondback 22LR 6"

      Python is sold. Colt Diamondback is still available.
    14. HKFaninCarmel

      WTS: SOLD- Colt Python 4" & Colt Diamondback 22LR 6"

      Selling two revolvers in Carmel, IN- First is a Colt Python 4" Nickel in 357 Mag. This gun is in shooter condition, with nickel finish wear as pictured. Gun is an excellent shooter and candidate for refinishing. No box. Grips are aftermarket. $1700 OBO The second is a 6" Colt Diamondback 22LR...
    15. HKFaninCarmel

      Smith Wheel Gun Question 25-2 Nickel

      Amazing work on this. Looks correct.
    16. HKFaninCarmel

      coonan what are you doing?

      Coonan appears to still be down. Coonan mags now worth weight in gold.
    17. HKFaninCarmel

      NRA vs. GOA

      NRA-ILA is a worthy cause. I like the idea of GOA, but have never believed them to be effective at lobbying. NRA does some wonderful things in terms of state orgs, grants, and lobbying statehouses. I've seen all three with my own eyes. Wayne's nonsense has made it a sour donate button, but they...
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