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    1. C

      WTS/WTT: Redfield 3200 20X

      Last bump, then it gets bolted on a 52d and you can try and buy it off my children someday. :) Lolol
    2. C

      WTS/WTT: Redfield 3200 20X

      Bump one time... Drop it down to $600obo see if we get a deal? I'd add cash for a 457, Anschutz, 52, 40x.... Also open to trading for Lapua Center X, Midas +, or X-act...
    3. C

      WTS/WTT: Redfield 3200 20X

      I have a Redfield 3200 20X here in real good condition. I will get some better pictures posted as soon as I can figure it out. It's in as good of shape as I've seen personally. I haven't used this, but it seems to track fine. It came off a .22 BR type rifle that sat in a private...
    4. C

      WTS/WTT: Cz 453, CZ 550, and Saiga 12

      1 bump, not much interest... I'll take these down and offer up some different ones next weekend if they don't get more attention. Thanks for looking!!!
    5. C

      WTS/WTT: Cz 453, CZ 550, and Saiga 12

      Located in Rensselaer, Indiana. Prices are based on my little bit of knowledge, if anything is out of line lmk.... Trades I'm most looking for are Winchester 52b, Remington 541s, or cz453 in 22lr... I also like Lwrc and Fostech, motorcycles as well?!?! can +/- cash either way to make a deal...
    6. C

      WTS/WTT: 2008 Victory Vegas Under 8k miles

      One and only bump, shoot me some more offers... If nothing better by Friday it's gone....
    7. C

      WTS/WTT: 2008 Victory Vegas Under 8k miles

      Looking to sell or trade this 2008 Victory Vegas, Under 8K miles, $5900obo. Trades are always good, +/- cash either way, mostly looking for a Colorado or Canyon pickup, but always interested in cool rifles and shotguns... Shoot me a msg if you're interested, I can always send more detailed...
    8. C

      WTS: Ruger MPR with extras

      Messages are full bud, clear out and hmu! Good deal on getting the scope and mount gone... Knock $200 off the last offer and let me come get it? You have my number.
    9. C

      need ideas for romantic weekend

      Pick a casino... get a room dance some... drink too mich and go back to the suite
    10. C

      Pun Jokes: Just for Fun

      Wayyy better than the funnies!!
    11. C

      Anyone know where you can buy Micarta and/or G10 around Indy or Columbus???

      Any of.your.cue makers. I believe sicles is in indy right?
    12. C

      Hideous Handguns

      Lol the glow in the. Dark orange is cool may do the five sevens up like that
    13. C

      Savage 11-VT Rifle

      Tons of options. Google.boyds the can up
    14. C

      Holy Crap. The Market is at a halt!

      Cash just isn't circulating right now
    15. C

      Is this standard opporating procedure?

      I agre with piller but a bit agrivating none the less
    16. C

      Armed granny against Detroit thugs

      Shes tougher than I am
    17. C

      where can i get good pizza?

      J and J pizza.. best in Indiana! !
    18. C

      Winchester 52b Target Rifle

      Hi, I just picked up a Winchester 52B target rifle, probably in about 85% condition for $650 out the door. Its missing its rear sights, wood has some dings here and there, but the metal is in good shape, and the bore looked real good. No knowing much about these other than the stories of them...
    19. C

      .22 target

      Hey thanks everyone for the input, I found a Winchester 52b TARGET rifle for $650. Its not mint, I would give it 80% condition probably. I wanted to stay under 500 but with my tax check rolling in I just went for an american classic at what I think was a 1/2 decent deal. Im going to throw a...
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