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      That was the only way I could see to contact the seller.

      That was the only way I could see to contact the seller.
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      Decent Drop thigh holster??

      With that extra weight on one leg it will cause you to walk in circles.
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      Decent Drop thigh holster??

      I'm glad someone on here agrees with some of the things that I do.
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      Decent Drop thigh holster??

      Looks cool, they saw it on TV, is the only resort I can think of.
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      Pentagon Tracking Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over the US

      Well, they were riding the short bus. You shouldn't expect to much from them.
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      Decent Drop thigh holster??

      No, she is very well pleased with it. I prefer older Bianca, Lawrence, HH Heiser and Eubank leather hip holsters.
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      Wal-Mart strikes again.

      Correction, Self checkout.
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      Wal-Mart strikes again.

      Just came across this. I refuse to use service check out. I will not show them a receipt, there accusing you of shoplifting. I tell them to get loss prevention and l will call my attorney.
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      Decent Drop thigh holster??

      Gave my girl friend a Alien Gear rig for Christmas, USA made. You get what you pay for.
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      Handgun pricing.

      The 94 takedown, I will give that in a heartbeat, try $2000 up on today market.
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      Lever Action Advice

      To me that is stretching it, but I don't have a glass on any of my lever guns
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      Lever Action Advice

      38-40 and 44-40 are excellent rounds.
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      Muzzle Loading Assoc.

      Been a life member since 79. Life membership is only $1250 and they have a payment plan.
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      DNR survey

      Yes, it was a good deal when it was first offered.
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      What’s the deal…

      That's what it looks like to me too. Only one reason you would squat like that.
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      Marlin Future and Coming Releases

      Might be a little nostalgia but I took 2 does this last season with a Winchester 1894 that was built in 1898.
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      Marlin Future and Coming Releases

      I I'm sure they will build a good gun for today's buyers but it won't come close to the quality of the guns built in the 50s and before.
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      Gave my son a stainless, pre safety 357 mag. He's took quite a few deer with it.
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