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    1. F

      The Insane "Social Justice" Thread pt IV

      Actually, I think they did anticipate human cargo such as her when the C-17 Globemaster was developed.
    2. F

      More FBI Shenanigans

      I think Rep. Jim Jordan should have cleared the room of all except for the dem congress critters and the witnesses and wait in the hall to see who could walk out under their own power.
    3. F

      Finally Martha on SI

      If it wasn't for SI's one issue a year they'd gone bankrupt long ago.
    4. F

      Now Dishwashers targeted by Biden climate warriors…

      Of course, they have to mandate appliances the use less energy. In the not-too-distant future, our electrical generation will be a lot less efficient.
    5. F

      NAACP Targets Republican South Bend Councilwoman With 7 Kids At 6 a.m. Outside Her Home

      For the past 50+ years South Bend has been led by democrats. If robinson and others can't figure out why SB and cities across America and the people who live in these cities are in the shape they are in, there's not much anyone can do to make you see the light.
    6. F

      Less than 4 hours until full scale invasion

      Don't forget the chi-com battery plant going's on in Big Rapids Michigan.
    7. F

      AK-47 Discussion Thread

      That's what her dad said!
    8. F

      Funny Political Picture/Video Thread Part VIII** The other side makes this way too easy!

      "Symbolism over substance." Quoted from the great Rush Limbaugh.
    9. F

      The Insane "Social Justice" Thread pt IV

      I think handing these 2 each a pitchfork and having them clean the gutter behind a group of cows that just came in from fresh pasture would be fitting.
    10. F

      BREAKING: Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News

      In a few years human broadcasts will be replaced by AI broadcasters. Lots cheaper for the networks. Lots easier for the government to program the people.
    11. F

      Here They Come Again,This Time Mortgages…

      Please don't arbitrarily elevate their IQ classification.
    12. F

      What Should the US do if/when China Invades Taiwan?

      Seriously I feel they are already 3/4 of the way to accomplishing this.
    13. F

      Don Trump Jr. wants conservatives to stop boycotting bud light

      He worries about a boycott taking down an iconic American company like a-b, yet apparently a-b wasn't too concerned by hitching up to a woke movement whose goal is to take down the good old USA as we know it. And a 60-40 split in republican over democrat donations isn't enough of a spread in...
    14. F

      Funny Political Picture/Video Thread Part VIII** The other side makes this way too easy!

      If anyone was ever in the Future Farmers of America you were taught to say it without the comma break.
    15. F

      Go Woke, Go Broke???

      I don't think they'll rebrand it. It will be a new car line called "Drag Queen".
    16. F

      Beer Out My Nose

      Then they ought to call it the 2am beer. Many a goof has been made at that wee hour. FYI, I always left before midnight.
    17. F

      Botched FBI, Army Special Ops Training Raid Captures Unsuspecting Hotel Guest. (Boston)

      That should be changed to, mexican cartels in American cities.
    18. F

      Big Problems if Trump is Indicted

      This is how I look at it, nothing more, nothing less. The bonus was it attracted a certain demographic of female that liked to party and go skinny dipping in Lake Michigan.
    19. F

      Botched FBI, Army Special Ops Training Raid Captures Unsuspecting Hotel Guest. (Boston)

      They did apologize and are reviewing their training procedures. So, in other words just a big oppsie, our bad, nothing to worry about, we'll get it right next time or will it be the next time after that.
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