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      WTS: SOLD Taurus G2 and G3

      Bump. Know they aren't collectors items, open to reasonable offers. Thanks!
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      WTS: SOLD Taurus G2 and G3

      Found something nicer I had to have, so selling these 2 to fund it: Taurus G2. Maybe 2 boxes of ammo through it at most, with minor carry wear. Comes with 2x 12 round mags, original box with everything that came in it, plus Kydex IWB holster. $220. Taurus G3. Unfired with minor handling...
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      What are we doing about Todd Young?

      Young certified the sham election, voted to let the massive infrastructure train-wreck advance, etc... Under no circumstances will he have my vote in the general election. A dem candidate is already running billboards on 80/94 (although not very good ones), and McDermott is a big enough name...
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      Lake county gun show

      Multiple tables with $900+ stock Glocks. At least 2 tables with $500+ Taurus G2Cs. Plenty of them to be had with the lowest price being like $329, even though Blythe's just sent out an email special on them like 2 days before at $219. And then there were the $300 Hi-Points... A few vendors...
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      Israeli Mossad .22 LR: The Reliable Pistols of the Mossad

      Lots of respect for those that took on multiple armed hijackers with a rimfire pistol. Makes me feel slightly better about my daily carry G42...
    6. M

      Constitutional Carry, but no, it really isn't.

      Unfortunately it doesn't matter anymore. Thanks RINOs... :poop: Permitless carry dead in committee
    7. M

      3D printing supplies in NWI?

    8. M

      Looming weapons ban. Trust loophole?

      Do you want to explain that to the cops running the gun sale sting as they're slapping the cuffs on you in the parking lot? I'll let someone else be the guinea pig on that one. And remember that the new "responsible party" stuff that got dumped on NFA corps and trusts was a ruling, not a law...
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      3D printing supplies in NWI?

      Yeah, Micro Center is less of a drive than that and they have everything. Good to know about the MRRF, I had never heard of that before. Thanks!
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      3D printing supplies in NWI?

      Now that I've got the 3D printing bug, I'm wondering if there are any better sources than Amazon or Ebay for filament, nozzles, and other parts. Unless I've missed something, the only stuff I've found locally is either at Micro Center in Westmont, or occasionally some OK-ish filament at Jo Ann...
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